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A Promise I’ll Keep—I’ll Never Cheat On My Wife

Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada has announced that he cheated on his wife with a campaign staffer.

Senator Ensign is a member of the so-called Promise Keepers.

Here are the seven promises that Promise Keepers promise. 

Here is promise # 3 of the Promise Keepers—

A Promise Keeper is committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity.

Here is promise #4—

A Promise Keeper is committed to building strong marriages and families through love, protection and biblical values.  

I’ve not reflectively dismissive of people who join this group. Life is hard and people need help getting by and doing what they feel is right. I really have no problem with the first six of the seven promises that are listed. If someone is serious about staying loyal to his spouse, more power to him.

Promise number 7 though is about trying to convert people. I have some problem with that in some contexts.

That said, what were the odds that Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada was keeping up with any standard of morality from either the right or the left?  If the Promise Keepers had been smart they would have long ago kicked him out as a preventive move.

Just look at the picture up above. Senator Ensign is like a successful Willy Loman. Somebody who merits none of the sympathy you would offer a guy simply trying to get by in life. 

(Below–Brian Dennehy playing Willy Loman in an adaptation of Death of a Salesman.)

Brian Dennehy, as Willy Loman, lectures Biff, played by Douglas Henshall

I’ll tell you, the blog reading public, one promise I’m certain to keep—This liberal will never cheat on his wife. My wife is the best person ever. 

It’s wrong to cheat on your spouse. It is likely that your spouse cares about you and will be hurt by your actions. Be loyal to the people who are  loyal to you.

Here is a picture of my wife on our wedding day.

(Update 6/25–I don’t believe that Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is a member of the Promise Keepers. I do however know that Governor Sanford also cheats on his wife.)

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Unlike Sleazy John Edwards, If I Ever Have A Midlife Crisis I’m Going To Read A Long Book

File:Man and woman undergoing public exposure for adultery in Japan-J. M. W. Silver.jpg

Sleazy John Edwards has admitted he is the subject of a federal probe of his 2008 Presidential campaign. It’s possible that he misused campaign funds to pay off the woman he was having an adulterous affair with while his wife suffers from cancer. 

Above is a couple in Japan in 1860 being shown in public for adultery. 

I’m 41 and have been married nine years. If I ever feel I’m having some type of midlife crisis, I’m going to read a long book. That will be how I let go and feel young again.

The longest book I’ve read is the one you see below  The Power Broker by Robert Caro. It is 1344 pages. I read it when I was in my 20’s. If you ever see me reading an even longer book, maybe I am having a midlife crisis and i’m doing something to make me feel young again.

The Power Broker by Robert A. Caro: Book Cover

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Grover Cleveland Survived Love Child Scandal

Philandering Senator John Edwards denies that Rielle Hunter’s baby is his love child. This may or may not be a true statement. Who can know?

A love child might not be a problem. Read here the Univ. of Virginia’s Miller Center for Public Affairs  account of Grover Cleveland’s handling of the same type of issue in 1884—

In the election of 1884, Cleveland appealed to middle-class voters of both parties as someone who would fight political corruption and big-money interests. Many people saw Cleveland’s Republican opponent, James G. Blaine, as a puppet of Wall Street and the powerful railroads. The morally upright Mugwumps, a Republican group of reform-minded businessmen and professionals, hated Blaine and embraced Cleveland’s efforts at battling corruption. Cleveland also had the popularity to carry New York, a state crucial to victory.

But Cleveland had a sex-scandal to live down: he was accused of fathering a son out of wedlock — a charge that he admitted might be true — owing to his affair with Maria Halpin in 1874. By honestly confronting the charges, Cleveland retained the loyalty of his supporters, winning the election by the narrowest of margins.

( The cartoon above is of Mr. Cleveland.)

While Grover Cleveland was not quite the progressive figure he is made out to be here, it does seem  Senator Edwards should have come out with it all at the start. If this issue was not fatal in 1884, surely Senator Edrwards could have survived it in 2008.

If Mr. Edwards had won the nomination, how could this have been kept a secret?

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