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Senator Cornyn Silent On Hard Times For Texans, But Quite Vocal About Al Franken

Our terrible Texas Senator John Cornyn has very little to say about our current economic troubles, but he sure goes on a lot about the closely contested U.S. Senate race in Minnesota.

(Please click here to read the latest report on Senator-elect Al Franken’s ever expanding lead in the Minnesota count.)

Senator Cornyn has been all over making sure that the next U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, must face every possible obstructionist hurdle before he can take the seat he won at the ballot box last November. Senator Cornyn has said he will help filibuster any effort to seat Mr. Franken.

Yet on the portion of his U.S. Senate web home labeled “Jobs and The Economy“, Senator Cornyn has added only one update since October 27. The subject of that one update was the proposed auto bailout. Here is some of the wisdom the Senator offered on that issue—

The nation’s top automakers this week presented their proposals to the Democratic Congressional leadership on how they plan to turn around their businesses and get out of debt. I have yet to see the details of their proposals so I cannot comment on the merits…”

Where are the Senator’s viewpoints on what Texas needs from the upcoming stimulus package? Or his suggestions for job creation in these hard times? How many Texans have lost jobs since October 27 while Senator Cornyn is MIA on issues of substance? 

Above you see a picture of Senator-elect Franken. Those two Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have no problem with the idea of Senator Franken. It is clear from the picture above that Mr. Franken is a friend of Texas. I think he may even be in love with Texas. (He was on a USO tour of Iraq in this photo.)

So what is Senator Cornyn’s problem?

One thing is that Senator Cornyn has plenty of time on his hands ignoring the needs of the hard-working Texans. Idle hands are indeed the Devil’s workshop.

In fact, Senator Cornyn is now getting involved in the Illinois Senate dispute as well. 

The other issue is that the Republican rump of 41 Senators has selected Mr. Cornyn as Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. 

If only Senator Cornyn worked as hard for all Texans as he does for his apparently more important constituency of the few remaining Republican Senators in Washington.

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$165 Houston Rockets Ticket Buys Time For Reflection On Meaning Of The Shot Clock


Last night I attended the NBA game between the Houston Rockets and the Toronto Raptors.

I don’t follow basketball. I went because I had free tickets.

You’ll think I am making this up, but the tickets I had sold for $165 each.

I figured that had to be the most expensive ticket. I looked it up. It is not. $ 165 is the sixth most expensive ticket.

For $165, one sits about 20 rows up and in the center court area.

The cheapest seat is $9.

You get the idea why these teams want to build new arenas and stadiums with expensive seats and sky boxes. People will pay big money to go to these games.

It’s less clear why the public is so often willing to finance these places with tax dollars.

I entered the so-called Toyota Center by walking over a sky bridge open only to what were termed “premium guests.”

I was a premium guest.

I voted against the publically financed construction of the Toyota Center both times it was on the ballot in Harris County.

The first time the public saw the question my way.

The second time the public did not.

At the end of the skywalk were two cheerleaders greeting Rocket’s fans. The cheerleaders are termed “Rockets Power Dancers.”

This was the fourth or fifth Rockets game I’ve attended. I’m always struck by how small the court appears in relation to the size of the players. ( Above is an 1890 picture of the first basketball court which was located in Springfield, Massachusetts. Springfield is the birthplace of basketball. )  

If you’ve never seen the famous Yao Ming in person, I can tell you this—He is quite tall.

Click here for some good information on basketball court dimensions and requirements.  

The 24 second shot clock is a disturbing aspect of NBA basketball. It leads to a lot of running up and down the court and a great deal of haste in shooting for a basket.  

A longer shot clock, or no shot clock at all, would lead to a more reflective and thoughtful game.

Poor shot selection by both teams last night seemed more a manifestation of the artificial constriction of the shot clock, rather than a honest reflection of the sincere desire of the players to score as many baskets as possible. 

The shot clock sends the wrong message—Everybody knows good things come to those who wait. 

Here is a history of the NBA shot clock. It’s said that the shot clock saved the game from tedium.

Tedium is underrated.  

Here are the 13 original rules of basketball from the 1890’s.  

Music was played over the PA system while the game is taking place. Often the music would stop when play stopped.

I found this odd. Isn’t the game enough?

Below is a picture of my favorite NBA basketball player ever—World B. Free.  Mr. Free changed his name legally from Lloyd B. Free to World B. Free.

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NFL Preview—Many Brain Injuries

Here is the Texas Liberal NFL preview— 

I predict this season that many players receive concussions and brain injuries that shorten their lives.

I predict that games will be played in taxpayer-built stadiums that are gigantic Nero-like wastes of money.

I predict that the price of the average NFL ticket will be out of the range of many fans. I also predict that the ridiculous phony blue-collar Hank Williams Jr. will go on singing the working-class virtues of football on the pre-game show.

The only good thing about football is hearing that the Cincinnati Bengals have lost.

The Bengals demanded and got a new stadium after threatening to leave Cincinnati. It was extortion.

In the 1990’s the Bengals had a record of 52-108. In this decade they are 47-65.

I am now going to write the following sentence—

Wild and crazy Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders—the Ben-Gals— despise taxpayer subsidized stadiums.

Based on experience, I’ll get search engine traffic to the blog from people looking up wild and crazy Cincinnati Bengal cheerleaders.

Hey folks—You’re being ripped off!       

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Wild College Cheerleaders, Such As Ohio State Buckeye Cheerleaders, & All NFL Cheerleaders Would Be Very Wild About A New Congress

Wild cheerleaders are quite wild right now because they know that average hard-working people have a better chance at a fair deal with Democrats winning control of Congress.

This is true in Ohio—Where Ohio State Buckeye cheerleaders can be found. Sherrod Brown is a great senator for working people. He’ll fight for universal health care and better wages. Isn’t this what people need right now? 

Another great example is in Missouri—Home of University of Missouri Tiger cheerleaders. Claire McCaskill will stick up for working people. Do you think the defeated Republican majority in Congress cared about health insurance and fair wages?

Your search engine has not steered you wrong. Please consider what I’m saying. I’m a hard-working person just like you. Thanks.

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Texas Longhorn Cheerleaders, Wild College Football Cheerleaders, NFL Cheerleaders and All Cheerleaders Love Democracy

When I made a post last August about how lousy the Cincinnati Reds’ treat their cheerleaders, I didn’t know I’d be getting search engine hits for “cheerleaders” for months after. I’ll take that traffic and all traffic to this blog. I appreciate everyone who visits TexasLiberal.

My message to all people is to give the new Democratic Congress a chance. The policies of the previous Republican Congress stunk for working Americans. The Bush tax cuts are unfair and have helped only the wealthy. No progress was made towards universal health care. They refused to raise the minimum wage.

In foreign affairs, the War in Iraq is a failure. Hundreds of billions of dollars that could have been used to help Americans at home have been wasted. That money  also could have been used to secure our ports against terror threats.

You came here looking for cheerleaders. I’m not sure I’ll convince you a new Congress is better than cheerleaders. However, I think you can agree that the new Congress deserves a chance. Thank you.

UPDATE OCTOBER 25, 2008—This silly post gets hits two years after it was written. We have our Democratic Congress. Now let’s elect Barack Obama and try something new after 8 years of the failed President Bush. Thank you.

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Right-Wing College Football & Wild Cheerleaders

The college football season begins today. As you might imagine, this is a big deal in Texas. Two big right-wing schools play each other this evening. The Citadel is at Texas A & M to play the Aggies. Can a way be found for both to lose?  

I will say though that mentioning college football gives me another chance to work the word “cheerleaders” into my blog. That will keep the search engines directing internet users searching the term “cheerleaders” or “wild cheerleaders” or “ college cheerleaders”  in my direction. 

Hey cheerleading fans—Vote Democratic! Vote for liberals! Republican tax cuts for the rich have hurt hard-working Americans and the Iraq War is a disaster.

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Cheerleaders & Chicken Wings

A few weeks ago I went to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. The Reds have cheerleaders– as if the baseball game were some type of barbaric football match. The following is a letter I sent to Reds’ CEO Robert Castellini. These things will stop only when people make a fuss.  

Dear Mr. Castellini: 

I recently attended a Cincinnati Reds game. 

During the game, a routine by your cheerleaders was shown on a big video screen. At the same time, an ad for chicken wings at Hooters was displayed on another big screen.  

Outside of your taxpayer-financed stadium you have a posted list admonishing the paying customers on how to behave. 

In likening your very own employees to pieces of meat, it is clear that it is you and your organization who need the pointers on how to act.  

Thank you. 

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