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Burma Blogger Uses Frederick Douglass Quote

Burma Blogger Without Borders used this quote from Frederick Douglass. It is a great quote in the service of the purpose of political and social freedom in Burma—         

“Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.”

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Bloggers Should Help Keep Burma Protests Alive


The situation in Burma can’t be forgotten.

Bloggers, here in Texas, and everywhere else, should help keep this issue alive. Fellow bloggers in Burma have risked their lives to pass on information about events in that country.

All people should help keep this issue alive.  

Here is ko hitke’s prosaic collection

Here is Burmese Bloggers Without Borders.

Here is Burma Digest.

Here is The Irrawaddy News.

Here is BBC coverage of Burma.

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Government In Burma Similar To Butcher Government Holding 2008 Olympics


Some Buddhist Monks in Burma have been killed and others are being sent to remote prisons for taking part in democracy protests.

This is reminiscent of the brutal crushing of democracy protests in China’s Tiananmen Square in 1989. 

China, like Nazi Germany in 1936 and Soviet Russia in 1980, was rewarded for this behavior by being selected to host the Summer Olympics.

In Burma, bloggers have risked their lives to get this story out.


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An Opportunity For Christians & Bloggers On Burma Protests

Protests continue in Burma—or Myanmar—as Buddhist Monks at others risk their lives for freedom.

The above link is to the BBC. You’ll get a lot of information at the BBC on this subject.

Here is a chance for America’s right-leaning Christians, quick to claim injustice about any alleged attack on religious freedom, to speak up as monks are killed in cold blood.

Here is a chance for bloggers in America—both left and right— to be heard, as bloggers in Burma risk their lives to get information out of that country.    

This is an opportunity for all Americans to speak up as people in another country fight for values we claim are important.

Here is a blog from Burma called ko hitke’s prosaic collection.

Here is the blog Burma Digest.

Both of these are useful blogs with good pictures.

The cover story in The Economist this week is about Burma.  

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Reporters Without Borders Offers Handbook For Bloggers & Cyber-Dissidents

Reporters Without Borders makes available on its website for downloading and printing the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents.

This book is meant mostly for people in countries where no free press exists.

Reporters Without Borders is an advocacy group that works on behalf of traditional journalists and also in support of new-media internet freedom around the world.

The handbook discusses ways to get around official censorship, ways to remain anonymous and tips for running a good and successful blog.

ROB states that in countries without a free press that bloggers may essentially serve the function of a press.

I think this handbook also has value in the United States. Both freedom of the press and the independence of bloggers are under assault from many sides.

I see this in the following ways— 

* The Bush administration has scant regard for civil liberties and little concern about spying on private citizens.

* Political bloggers are increasingly allied with political parties at the same time they engage in ritual bashing, (sometimes justified), of the so-called mainstream media.

When will the line be crossed from independent-minded citizens to propagandists? When will the motives of many political bloggers become inseparable from the candidates and parties they promote?

* Traditional media outlets are under great financial pressures from investors. And traditional outlets did indeed give President Bush something of a free ride in terms of hard scrutiny leading up to the War in Iraq. This greatly damaged the creditability of many “old” media sources.

Genuine independence of mind and spirit is a rare thing. Groups such as Reporters Without Borders do great work in protecting this important quality of true independence.

In the end though, the real work of independence and freedom must be done by individuals. Sometimes individuals must work together in groups and other times they must, if need be, go it alone.

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Bloggers Playing Role In Burma Protests As Government Steps Up Violence

Protests in Burma are becoming violent as the repressive military government is attacking and arresting Buddhist monks and others protesting for greater political freedoms.

Here is a link to a blog called Burma Digest that has details about and pictures of the protests.

Here is a link to ko htike’s prosaic collection. This blog from Burma also has pitctures of the protests.  

Here is a link to a BBC article detailing the part bloggers are playing in getting this story to the world from Burma. International  journalists are not allowed in Burma.  The BBC has a number of articles discussing events in Burma. 

These monks in Burma are freedom fighters and they merit our international support.

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Protesters In Burma Fighting Repressive Government

I don’t know much about Burma—or Myanmar— except to say that it is a very repressive country. Buddhist monks and others are currently protesting in Burma for political freedoms. These people appear to be quite brave to protest under such a harsh government.  

This link to the BBC offers a number of articles on the current protests and some background to the situation.

9-26-07— Click here for an update on this post.

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