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Texas Liberal Has Best Month—Thank You Blog Reading Public

I’m glad to report that this blog had its best month ever in January, 2009. The blog averaged 1708 page views a day for January. This is due to you—The blog reading public!

If you Google the number 1708, the first non-Wikipedia entry you get is the 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. This is a non-profit gallery meant to showcase contemporary art. It was established in 1978. It is located at 319 West Broad Street in Richmond. The 1708 Gallery has a blog.

Above is a picture of an art auction at the 1708. I think they are selling the Mona Lisa. I’ve never been to an art auction. 

The current exhibit at the the 1708 are the works of Nichole Maury and Christopher Quirk.  Ms. Maury makes collages and Mr. Quirk is a painter. Mr. Quirk also has a blog.

Here is how Mr. Quirk describes the work he creates—  

“I direct the focus in my paintings to the viewer experience, and away from the notion of the painting itself as a bearer of content. Discordant components and qualities in each painting pose questions for the viewer, suspending resolution, and provide a space for the viewer’s own meditations. The idea is to give, not tell, and for the painting to provide an experience that unfolds over time…”

Good for this guy. It’s good to have the time to create, and good to have the time to think about why you are creating something. More power to anybody engaged in creative pursuits. 

And thanks to everybody who reads this blog.

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25 Things About This Blogger—With Paul Revere Painting

I’ve been tagged for one of these 25 things about me lists on Facebook. Vanity compels me to comply. I’ve not yet posted this on Facebook. It’s just that I need a blog post for today.

I like Facebook. It’s an easy way to keep in touch with folks.  If any of the blog reading public would like to add a friend who is also one of America’s leading bloggers…..well, I can’t help you.  But if you’d like to add me, my name in Neil Aquino and I live in Houston. Look me up and I’ll add you on. The more the merrier. 

Here we go—

1. Anything good about me, or good in my life, is in large part due to my wife. Anything bad is my doing.

2. I’ve had four clear-cut best friends at points in my life. One is my wife. One was a grade school kid I’ve long lost touch with. One is just beginning the study of Chinese medicine in Portland, Oregon. I still exchange e-mails with her on and off.  The final one is the only I can’t have a decent conversation with anymore. I’m appreciative of her friendship at one time in my life, but I don’t regret the inability to converse with her now.

3. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off giving up the blog and writing a letter to a friend each day. I give a fair amount of thought about the best ways to communicate.

4. I work hard to maintain friendships across the years and across what are now often great distances. I’m mostly successful with this. Yet I have room to do better.

5. When we keep up with friends, I feel we provide our lives with a measure of permanence that offers a rebuttal to death. We are saying there is a source of stability in an existence marked by things moving away from each other. Longstanding relationships also give a greater relevance to the ways we’ve spent our time in life. When you have a friend for a long time, it’s evidence that you made a good decision many years ago. 

6. I feel you can define family in anyway you choose.

7.  I wish I had the ability to be an artist of some kind. I’d like to be able to  paint a picture. I’d paint a picture of people in a way that conveyed who they are. I’m lucky to have seen in person Copley’s painting of Paul Revere in Boston. Below you see that painting. It’s my favorite.  In this painting, Mr. Revere is both a worker and a thinker. 


8. I wish I had the time in life to be as creative as I feel I could be. I could gain a measure of that time by the better application of self-discipline.  

9. I feel that both the material events in our lives, as well as the thoughts that we think, all need context. Nothing exists alone. We need to know what came before and what may come after.

10. I think one can merge the public and private aspects of life in ways that give greater meaning to both. The two should not be divorced from one another.

11. I often wonder how one can combine a strong desire to be alone with a need to communicate. Hopefully, I’m able to do this in a way that is neither (fully) stand-offish or involves being around to much. (Though in truth, I’ve not yet figured this mix out.)

12. I have a good memory. I recall some things with such clarity that I feel the events I’m thinking about are taking place again.  This makes me wonder that if man is the measure of all things, than does not the abilty to retain and relive our memories challenge some of our concepts of time? The past is present in our thoughts and as a guide to our future actions.    

13. If each morning we could take just a few moments to assess our lives and our goals for the day, that would be an act of creation and imagination we could accomplish each day.

We could create time and time again. We could do so in a way that builds upon what came before, so that even an act of creation comes with context. I want to have the discipline to be able to do this.

14. I’m not convinced our leaders really believe most Americans have a viable economic future. At least in relation to how we have lived before. 

15. I’ve never spent a night outdoors and I never will unless forced to do so by a bad turn of events.

16. Just because your life is very good, does not mean it is entirely the life you want. Expressing this thought does not detract from the good things in your life. 

17. I’d like to live on an island.

18. I feel at home when with the wife, when at the ocean in Galveston, Texas, when writing, and when reading.  I also felt at home when I was at a bar called the  Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. That place has long been torn down.

19.  Much about the practice of politics bores me. I did not like most people I met when I worked in politics. Though the time I spent involved in politics was worth it.

20. I’m proud of the fact that my name has been on the ballot twice. Once as a candidate for Democratic precinct executive a Hamilton County, Ohio. I was the only candidate and won with about 15 votes cast in my little voting precinct.  That was, I think, in 1992. I got a certificate of election from the county. In 1997, I ran for the Cincinnati Board of Education and won about 10,000 votes.  I finished 9th of 12 with the top four being elected. I was endorsed by Stonewall Cincinnati and by a number of unions. Beyond being glad I had not finished last, I felt that I had done well in the voting.

 21. The best non-fiction book I’ve read is S.E. Finer’s three volume history of government. The best novel I’ve read is The Remains Of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.  

22. I’d like to start volunteering somewhere. I have a place in mind.

23. I’m lucky.

24. I think we can balance a strong and autonomous personality, with the need for collective action in our political lives. What could be better than free citizens making the willing choice to work for common ends?

 25. I’ll end where I started—Anything good about me, or good in my life, is in large part due to my wife. Anything bad is my doing

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I Am Not A Journalist—Nor Am I A Red-Tailed Hawk

An Austin-based blogger who goes by the name Mean Rachel, recently asked if Texas progressive bloggers should have taken a free steak dinner from Texas U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp. (I was not at this dinner.)

(My friend Perry at Brains & Eggs also wrote about this matterAs did the great blogger Jobsanger in Amarillo)

Here are my views on the question—

If a blogger wishes to be seen as a journalist, he or she should not take such a dinner. You should pay your own way. I don’t think the bloggers who took the meal are bought off. But if you see yourself as a journalist, you should adhere to the standards of journalism.

If a blogger does not aim to be viewed as a journalist, then you can take such a dinner.

I am not a journalist. I have an obligation to tell the truth where facts are involved—unless I’m making an effort at satire— and that’s it. Maybe I’m a member of the media by some definition. But I’m an ideologue–more so than a partisan of a party— and I’m not obligated to offer the other side of questions I may address in this blog.

The blog reading public can take or leave my efforts.

If John Sharp were dumb enough to offer me a free dinner, I would take it. If I blogged about it I would mention that he picked up the tab.  I would feel no obligation to say anything nice about him. He’s a politician and he uses people to get what he wants. 

In addition to not being a journalist, I am also not a red-tailed hawk. (photo below.)

The Red-Tailed Hawk is the most common hawk in North America. Here is some good information about this creature. You see in the picture that this bird does not wait for someone to come along and buy it dinner. It catches most of its food by perching from a high point and waiting to swoop down. I get most of my food by perching myself in my car at the drive-up window.

There you have it. I’m neither a journalist or a hawk.

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Distractions To Make Up For Lost Post


I had a nice long post ready to go. But when I hit the “publish” button, all the words went away. I don’t know where they went. I don’t have time to get much together before bedtime.  I have to be at work early tomorrow. Yet I know you folks count on a post each day from Texas Liberal.  So I’ve assembled a few distractions for you to stare at until I update the blog in about 24 hours.

Above is a running mule. Sometimes you run and run and still don’t seem to make much progress.

Below is the spinning Earth. We are all sisters and brothers on the Earth.

Next we have a house being built. You don’t see that much anymore.

Here we have pink heart becoming gay pride symbol indicating my support for gay marriage.

Here we have a boat and a bridge. Regular readers of this blog will know I like the ocean and water and boats.

Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was a great President who strongly enhanced the role of government in our economy.

And, finally, a tree and a leaf. This is a symbol of both death and renewal.

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

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My Wife Is 2008 Person Of The Year & This Blog Is 2008 Blog Of The Year

For my last post of the year, I’ve selected my wife as 2008 person of the year, and my blog, Texas Liberal, as 2008 blog of the year.

Above you see my wife and myself. Please also note the people behind us celebrating the wife’s selection as 2008 person of the year. (This picture shows how we dress for dinner each night.)    

There was no other candidate for person of the year. My wife is the best wife ever. 

As for the blog of the year selection, I admit I had to ignore a number of blogs that are better than this one. However, once I did, the choice was clear.     

My favorite post to write this year was If Polar Bears Could Vote.  In that post I was able to run the picture you see below of Polar Bears capturing a submarine.

Thanks to my wife for a great year. 

And thanks to everyone who visted Texas Liberal in 2008. I set a goal of 1000 views a day for 2008. I ended up at or around 911 depending on the last day. That’s a good showing from the 177 a day I did last year. My goal for 2009 is 1,250 a day. We’ll see.

Good luck to you and yours in year ahead.

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Best Of Texas Progressive Alliance Blogging In 2008

The Texas Progressive Alliance is a (loose) group of Texas bloggers who, for whatever differences they may at times have on specific issues, are committed to a better and more progressive Texas. Texas political bloggers range from aspiring political professionals to committed citizens (or maybe a bit of both in some cases) who blog to make a difference in our state, for fun, and, in my case, to stay off the streets and out of trouble.     

2008 was a heck of a year for Texas Progressives. The Presidential Primary came to Texas (for real), we caucused, conventioned, challenged, credentialed, voted, elected, counted, re-counted, brought Netroots Nation to Texas, watched Tom Craddick fight for his life, said farewell to legends, got a head start to on the race to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison and more. A lot more.

It is in that spirit that we bring you the final round-up of 2008. Enjoy.

jobsanger has posted on a variety of subjects, including the popularity of George Bush in 11% Of Americans Are IDIOTS, the Ku Klux Klan in The Klan Is Still Stupid, a plan to steal water from the Panhandle in The Coming Rape Of The Ogallala Aquifer, the fall of a county sheriff in Potter County Sheriff Indicted On Felony Charges and Potter County Sheriff Convicted, and the 2010 governor’s race in Who’s The Dem In 2010 Governor Race?

John Coby at Bay Area Houston has blogged on a number of issues concerning Bob Perry’s home building industry, the Texas Ethics Commission, insurance deregulation, electricity deregulation, and including some humorous posts. One of his favorites series is Spending Campaign Cashwhich has resulted in a number of stories in the news and contributed to a bill to be filed by State Representative Senfronia Thompson.

South Texas Chisme covered such entertaining South Texas stories from the original
DA Hissy Fit
to his poor imitation, various ethics problems including a
few felonies to helping Republicans recover and Democrats to prosper. And, we
never forget about that Republican monument to racism and fear otherwise known as that d*mn fence!

As he approaches his seventh anniversary as a blogger, Off the Kuffd ecided to look forward rather than back on the year. My thanks to my TPA colleagues for all they do, and my best wishes to all for a great 2009.

The Texas Cloverleaf looks back on 2008, as it’s first full year on the blog scene comes to a close. The DNC kicked off the year by picking the Jewish named donkey over the black one for it’s mascot, in what would become the ultimate irony of the political season. Adding to ironies, cash strapped TxDOT gave away $20 million for a Dallas park. We were introduced to GOP family values: 16 US Senators, including our own from Texas, voted against funding for HIV/AIDS prevention, leading to more deaths, and the Palin clan popped out more replacements as part of God’s will. Don’t forget to carve the backwards B on your face for posterity. 2008 was a whirlwind and couldn’t have been more dramatic. Here is to a 2009 with the same kind of flair!

Continue reading

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Blogger’s Note

Blogger’s Note—For the next few days I’ll be taking it easy with the blog. It will be something of a Christmas/New Year’s Day break. I might post each day until the New Year. Or I might notCome the New Year, I’ll be offering thoughts on the historic context of the enlarged Democratic Congressional majorities in Congress, resuming my Who I Would Have Supported For President series, and, in general, be up and running with new material.

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal.

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Thanksgiving Blogging Break

It’s time for a Thanksgiving blogging break. For the next week or so, I’ll have some new posts and some “encore” posts to share with you the blog reading public. Maybe one day this week I’ll not post at all.

Above is Gerald Ford extending a pardon to a turkey just like he extended one to Richard Nixon.

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.  Please keep in touch and have a good Thanksgiving.

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Texas Progressive Alliance Bloggers Talk Turkey

Here is the weekly round-up from your Texas Progressive Alliance Bloggers. Click the links and read these top bloggers talk turkey on Texas politics.

All liberal and progressive Texas bloggers care a great deal about food safety. Here are the USDA guidelines on buying and preparing a turkey. 

Here is information on veggie turkey.

Here is the link to the town of Turkey, Texas. Turkey is in Hall County and has a population of just under 500. Above is a poor photo of Turkey, Texas. It’s the best I could find. You can make out well enough the word “Turkey” up on the water tower. I’m sorry to report that Hall County voted 74%-26% for Senator McCain over Senator Obama.

I do indeed wish a happy Thanksgiving to the people of Hall County, but they need to get with the program.   

The round up–

Barfly at McBlogger takes a moment to remind all of us that we better not fu*k with Barbie.

Ruth Jones McClendon gets the Speaker’s race dangerously wrong says CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme.

Vince at Capitol Annex takes a look at the race for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives and provides answers to two important questions: is a secret ballot legal and will a secret ballot doom Tom Craddick?
Continue reading

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Houston Political Consultant Marc Campos Rips Me, But Fails To Provide Link

Houston political consultant Marc Campos has blasted me, but, lacking a true sense of sportsmanship, failed to provide a link. This is in sharp contrast to the nice folks at the right-wing blog Lone Star Times who once mocked a poem I wrote with a link that generated a lot of traffic. 

Here is the link to Campos Communications. Here is the link to his Daily Commentary.

Below is what Marc said in his Daily Commentary today—

“Commentary’s recent takes on local Latino voter turnout has definitely ruffled a feather or two. The liberal blog fella has been suspicious of Commentary’s motives from the outset. He was the one that said I might be more interested in looking for a “gig” plus he threw in that dig questioning H-Town CM James Rodriguez’ political party affiliation. Hey, that’s his right. Here’s what he sent me yesterday:

“Are Hispanics in Houston and Harris County unable to vote without extra prodding? At what point does this become the fault of the community in question?”

Commentary thought about having a discussion with him to talk about how to get out the vote and what is involved but I decided against because I think he had already made up his mind on this issue so here’s what I sent him:

“Look, I don’t want to get into it with you because folks like you are determined to undermine a point I have been making for over a decade now – sorry.”

I think I hurt his feeling because here’s how he responded:

“Folks like me? You hardly have any idea who I am or what I think. I sure have never had great relations with my fellow bloggers. I’ve agreed with a number of things you’ve written over time. Often agreeing with some your views about statements of bravado by bloggers.

Between my own blog and my space on the Chronicle, I’ve got a bigger audfeince than any progressive Houston blogger than but Kuffner. I was open to a discussion and you chose to make an enemy. You’re a fool.”

Marc has the story half right. I did call him a fool. It seemed a good response to anybody who says “folks like me.”  (Though I guess it is better than a Ross Perot “you people.”) Marc leaves out where I apologized to him. Lincoln (Photo Above) said it was always wrong to speak in anger. I’m happy to apologize to Marc right here again. Though I will say Marc is a bit misguided to regard me as a player around here when I don’t really see myself as such. Thanks for the promotion. 

Marc is nice to highlight my traffic. I’ve run 889 page views a day for 2008. And over 2,100 a day for November so far. These are good numbers and I’m proud to discuss them. They reflect a lot of work and time for not a dollar’s worth of pay. I’ve told Kuffner I’ll catch up with him. Self-promotion is the coin of the realm for bloggers. If I don’t do it, who will? (Besides Mr. Campos. I hope he’s not going to charge me a fee for the plug. I hope he spends the same time on his paying clients.

Here is the link to Kuffner. Here is a link to Julie Pippert at Momocrats. She also has very good traffic. Maybe higher than mine.


As for Councilman Rodriguez, here is the link to where he is a co-chair of the issues committee for Republican Bill King. (Picture Above. Mr Rodriguez is to the left of Mr. King. ) Mr. King is a former Mayor of Kemah who may well run for Mayor of Houston. According to the Chronicle, Mr. King has voted in Republican primaries for the last decade.  I’ve never posted on this issue before today. I might never have gotten around to it if not pressed. 

(Yes–I know Lincoln was a Republican as well. But that’s different.)

As for the question of Hispanic turnout in Houston, at what point does the Hispanic community itself bear some fault for the poor turnout? That was my question and it was a good one. Anyone got a thought?   

Mr. Campos gets it wrong in one big respect. I had not made my mind up about anything or anybody. I wanted to learn from the guy. That’s why I asked him a question. He seems unable to look past a George W. Bush black or white view of the world of are you with me or against me? If Marc is about outreach, doesn’t that mean talking to people?

In the year ahead I intend to post more than I have in the past about City of Houston politics. There are a number of people I figure I can learn from as we move ahead. If Marc would like to share his wisdom with me, I’d be more than happy to listen. I’ve e-mailed him saying that I would be happy to talk. I’m open to anybody who would like to talk.

As a matter of fact, I’ll give Mr. Campos and Mr. Rodriguez space on this blog to reply to anything I’ve said or to make any case they would like to make.

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Texas Liberal Gets 6539 Hits In One Day—Thank You Blog Reading World

Thanks to you, the blog reading public, Texas Liberal registered 6539 hits on November 5. For the week of the election, Texas Liberal was fortunate enough to get over 2,600 hits a day.

If you Google “6539”, you get a listing for the Hudson Mainstage Theater at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles. This entertainment center has three stages, as espresso bar and an art gallery. Now performing at the Hudson is the play Angry Young Women In Low-Rise Jeans With High-Class IssuesHere is a review of that show.

My goal for 2008 was 1,000 page views a day. This year I’ve averaged 880. That’s not 1,000, but it is pretty good as these things go.

I also blog as a featured politics reader-blogger at the Houston Chronicle and at Where’s The Outrage?  

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal. If you like the blog, please consider forwarding the link. A blog grows one reader at a time.

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Texas Progressive Alliance Election Eve Roundup

Here, my fellow Americans, is your Election Eve edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance‘s weekly roundup.

jobsanger believes an avalanche of new voters could produce some surprises on election day, including the possibility that Georgia will turn blue, and even though an amazing 23% of Texans think Obama is muslim, a huge turnout in the urban areas and South Texas could produce some surprises in Texas, and early voting totals show this is happening.

Justin at AAA-Fund Blog is glad that 60% of Asian Americans polled in Harris County support the Democrats. He also is glad that voting this year was not a chore as it often feels. Justinurges everyone to support AAA-Fund’s five Texas endorsees: Rick Noriega, Al Green, Nick Lampson, Hubert Vo, and Sandra VuLe.

It’s been an exciting week for Democrats. First up was Hank Gilbert asking a Cornyn staffer to take a walk from a Rick Noriega event. Then there was Texas Blogger (and current TPA Chair) Vince Leibowitz spanking the Mike McCaul campaign for their amateurish content theft. Finally, we at McBlogger received word that Dr. Dobson had traveled to the future and didn’t like what he saw. Which is something you’ll probably love.

Vince at Capitol Annex tells us how State Rep. John Davis (R-Clear Lake) is sending out his wife to attack Netroots backed candidate Sherrie Matula (D-Houston). In return, he opens John Davis’ own personal Pandora’s Box and tells the world about Davis’ record.

The Texas Cloverleaf notes that Barack Obama leads John McCain in fundraising in Denton County of all places! In nonpartisan news, while Obama is raising money, Ron Natinsky is spending it. The Dallas City Councilmember is spending your tax dollars on trinkets bearing his name. In shocking news, No, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we wanted to.

Continue reading

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I’m Glad To Be A Cincinnati Queer Blogger

I’m very glad to be a Cincinnati Queer Blogger.  If you go to QueerCincinnati.com and look on the right side blogroll, you’ll see that Texas Liberal has an honored place as a Cincinnati Queer Blogger.

( Here is my post about attending a half gay wedding in Cincinnati. Isn’t it disgusting that we put of the matter of gay people getting married on the ballot? How would you like to have your most basic rights voted on?  Do you think all rights for Muslims would pass if they were placed on the ballot? People have essential freedoms that need to be protected. We have a right to the relationships we want in this brief and brutal life.) 

It’s great to have this connection to my longtime hometown and to this fine blog. As I never tire of telling folks, I was a Stonewall Cincinnati endorsed candidate for the Cincinnati Board of Education in 1997.

Thank you QueerCincinnati.

( Above is a snowy day in Cincinnati. In the center left is the corner of Martin Luther King & Eden. I lived on that corner for a couple of years. The smoke stack is from a power plant used by the nearby University of Cincinnati. How could I have known when I was on that corner in my college years that I’d someday be living in the semi-tropics of Houston and dealing with hurricanes?)  

I’d also like to thank my friend Teddy at Left Of College Stationfor the number of times he has linked to me in recent weeks. Teddy keeps on figthing despite being in an epicenter of the right in College Station, Texas.

Patti at Texas Education sent me a nice e-mail a few weeks back and I have been very slow to respond. I apologize for this transgression. Patti does a great job and I promise I’ve not forgotten her.

Perry at Brains & Eggs, written here in Houston, often gives me a link. Perry is a senior statesman among Texas political bloggers and a link from him is a strong endorsement that you’re doing a good job.

It’s been nice to have comments here from Tiffany who has just begun a blog of her own called What You Got Tired Of Reading On MySpace. I hope she sticks with the blogging and I’ll add her to my blogroll this week.

Jobsanger in Amarillo always does good work. Please read his blog often.

Finally, let me say hello to my friend Lunchcountersitin at All Other Persons out of Washington, D.C. The October 24 post on All Other Persons about the need of the National Urban League to get more with the times in its advocacy is on target. Many times I’ve walked past the Urban League building in Houston and wondered just what it is those folks are doing.

It is great to have so many blogger friends.

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Kos Thinks I’m A Liberal Weenie

Below are two paragraphs from Daily Kos written by Kos himself. They are from a post discussing potential Democratic wins on Election Day that would be highly injurious to Republicans. The post makes the obvious assertion, one all Democrats would agree with, that it would be best if Republicans were to lose in as many places as possible on November 4.  

Who on our side of the aisle could disagree?

Then, somewhat out of context at that point in the post, Kos says the following—-

“I realize there are people uncomfortable with aggressive language and action. That’s the difference between liberal weenies and movement progressives. Liberal weenies sit around thinking that “the truth” is enough for victory, and that if we simply explain to voters why Democrats are better, why, we can’t possibly lose any elections! That’s the crowd that wants to keep the “high ground” and doesn’t want to go down in the gutters and fight the GOP where they live, lest we get a little muddied ourselves.

Movement progressives realize that we must do everything necessary allowable under the law to win because elections have consequences. This isn’t about who is most pure, but about taking the fight to the enemy and aggressively embracing progressivism, offering clear contrasts between us and them, and fighting fire with fire. There’s no ambiguity about where I belong.”

Kos says if you do not feel we should do all allowed by law to win elections, that you are a ‘liberal weenie.” We should conduct ourselves as if we were Republicans.

Gay bashing? Suggesting a candidate has fathered an illegitimate black child as the George W. Bush campaign said about John McCain in 2000? A Willie Horton type campaign? Voter suppression within the bounds of the law?  

We’ve seen in the primaries and in the general election campaign that plenty of Democrats might well respond favorably to such strategies.

I do not think it would be best to proceed in these ways. 

Here is a post where Kos takes on the McCain campaign for being the most negative of the two major campaigns. Is Mr. Obama a weenie? This post was written the same day of the post I quote above.

Written by Kos just 40 minutes before what I excerpt up top here, is a post praising Senator Obama for going after Fox News. The contention , correct in my view, is that Fox News makes a point to exacerbate cultural differences as part of a larger political strategy.

So what does Kos do the very afternoon he rightly takes after Fox News? He looks to promote an internal culture war. Effete liberals are “weenies.”  

Advocating for one of the two mainstream parties, appearing on Meet The Press, writing for Newsweek and being part of the 24/7 campaign industry all make Kos an embodiment of “mainstream.”

Think about it. What is more mainstream than being a partisan of one of the two broad based political parties in a nation of 300 million people? What media outlet or consumer product would not kill for the market share of the political world held by the Democratic and Republican parties?

I think Kos is for most part helpful to Democrats and liberals. If he can make a buck off of all this stuff then more power to him. 

Kos is very good at marketing his brand. You can bet he’ll do “everything allowable under the law” to make sure his market share does not slip.

( Below–A weenie that a liberal or any other person could have for lunch.)

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This Blog Has Best Month—Thank You Blog Reading Public

Thanks to you, the blog reading public, Texas Liberal had its best month ever in September. The blog averaged 1275 views a day for the month.

If you punch “1275” into Google, the first listing you get is a Wikipedia entry for a Gibson EDS-1275 guitar. Look at that thing–It is quite a guitar.

My goal for 2008 is 1000 hits a day. I’ve averaged exactly 800 a day for the year. It’s not my goal, but it is nice that I can get a number of people to visit my small corner of the internet each day.

I’m also one of eight featured political reader-bloggers at the Houston Chronicle and I post at Where’s the Outrage. WTO? is written out of North Carolina.

Thanks for your support of Texas Liberal and please keep reading if you feel the blog merits your time.

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