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Another Reason I’m Glad To Pay My Taxes

The following is a letter I sent to the mayor and police chief of Jersey Village, Texas. Jersey Village is a small suburb of Houston. The services provided by the officer who helped me are yet another example of the necessity of taxes and government. In Texas we do not have a state income tax. Our taxes are regressive and mean-spirited.  Being a liberal is about paying your taxes and maybe even paying a little extra if it seems appropriate and you have the resources.     

Dear Mayor Heathcott:

My name is Neil Aquino. I live in Houston. 

On Monday August 14, 2006, I blew a tire while driving through Jersey Village on highway 290. This took place around 5 PM I was driving in the left lane when the tire popped. 290 was as busy and awful as it always is at rush hour. I pulled over on the left shoulder. I wanted off the highway before I lost control of the car.  I called 911. I needed a cop more than a wrecker at that point. 

The Jersey Village officer who arrived was very helpful. He used his cruiser to stop traffic on 290 and get me over to the right shoulder. He placed himself at risk to help me. The officer could have easily been struck by another car or truck. 

I’m sorry I did not catch the officer’s name. I’m sure you can figure it out with the details I’ve provided.  I’ve enclosed a $20 check made out to your municipal fund so that Jersey Village can recover some of the costs involved in assisting me.  Thank you.  

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