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Though The Little Bastards Laughed—You Can Indeed Read While You Walk

Many years ago, maybe around 1975, a classmate of mine in the Providence, Rhode Island public schools told the class he read books as he walked to school.

The other kids laughed. They did so because they were little bastards. The teacher did not offer much support. She said something dumb about bumping into trees or some junk like that.  

The kid who said this was named Mike Van Leesten. I hope he has done well in life. 

I read while I walk at the Memorial park jogging/walking trail in Houston. I get a lot of reading done that way. It is a good use of time.

I think of Mike Van Leesten when I read and walk. This even though I have not seen him in nearly 30 years. 

Good rule of thumb—If the other kids laugh and the teacher offers little support, you might well be on to something.

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Harris County District Clerk Candidate Jackson Gives Me A Shirt—I Will Wear It Where It Will Be Seen

This afternoon Harris County District Clerk Candidate Loren Jackson gave me a campaign tee shirt. I promised him I would wear this shirt while walking around Houston’s Memorial Park. There is a popular walking/jogging trail at Memorial Park and the shirt will be seen by many voters.   

Candidate Jackson obeys all laws and, unlike his opponent, does not place campaign signs on public property.  

I read as I walk around the Memorial Park trail. Today I will be reading Arthur M. Schlesinger’s Journals 1952-2000.

If you see me, please say hello.

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