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This Place Is A Pit—I’m Still Here


Above you see a picture of a mining pit of one kind or another that I saw from the airplane when I was flying back home to Houston from Los Angeles last week.

Here are recent articles about mining from the great British newspaper The Guardian.

I’ve not been posting much on Texas Liberal of late, but I am working on a new project.

I’m working on a new website that I plan to have up and running soon. This new website will have a photo essay of a kind, a metaphoric universe and solar system, some poems, and a blog about the 2013 City of Houston elections.

The new website will be called NeilAquino.com.

Thanks to everybody still checking out the blog from time-to-time and thanks to folks visiting the blog for the first time. I’ll still be posting on Texas Liberal off and on until the new site is published.

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