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I Am Still Here As I Work On A New Website—Photo Of Emu


I’ve not been around much here on Texas Liberal of late, but I am still working hard for the blog reading public.

I’m working on a new website that I plan to have up and running in April. This new website will have a photo essay of a kind, a metaphoric universe and solar system, some poems, and a blog about the 2013 City of Houston elections.

There will also be other things on the website that I have not yet thought about.

Thanks to everybody still checking out the blog from time-to-time and thanks to folks visiting the blog for the first time. I’ll still be posting on Texas Liberal off and on until the new site is published.

Above you see a picture I took recently of an Emu at Bear Creek Pioneers Park here in Harris County, Texas.

Here are facts about Emus.

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  1. Does the emu in yur photo have companions? Looks lonely. Emu ranching has been coming and going, may be on the upswing again, according to a recent news item. An emu egg can be good for four omelets. Emu oil is good for the skin.

    Comment by Newton | February 13, 2013

  2. As long as the new format has emu pictures I’ll keep showing up. Gotta love teh emus.

    Comment by citizenx | February 15, 2013

  3. I’ve never eaten emu. Are they as good as they say? I do care that an emu was slaughtered with minimal trauma. I don’t eat milk or eggs as I think the animals suffer much over their lifespans. However, I will eat local grass fed beef, feral pork, and nutria if anyone had it to sell. Seafood is cool too. I’m the flipside of the lacto-ovo veggies. Death is less relevant than suffering over life.

    Comment by Bacopa | February 18, 2013

  4. Looking forward to neilaquino.com!

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | March 5, 2013

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