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The Same Good Folks Over Time At Our Nation’s Race Tracks


I’m convinced that racetrack crowds are the very same people holographically transmitted or somehow beamed over time & space.

These good folks at I saw at Sam Houston Race Park here is Houston two nights ago are the exact same folks I saw at Narragansett Park in Rhode Island in the 70’s & at River Downs in Cincinnati in the 80’s & 90’s.

There is an atmosphere of apathy and rest at racetracks that I’ve long found helpful to my state of mind.

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  1. There is ample time at the horse track for reflection, to ponder life, our foibles, the role that luck (both that we make ourselves or that the world bestows upon us) plays in our lives. We can either analyze data or make a pick based on the name of the horse, its color, the jockey, the ‘tip’ from the guy standing next to you. One great pleasure of the last several years lies in the growing success of women jockeys. Rosie Napravnik has helped me through an afternoon less impoverished than I might have been. There is often a sense of peace to an afternoon at the track, a peace that I suspect will soon be destroyed by the arrival of the dreaded racinos in Ohio, most unfortunately now being constructed at Cincinnati’s River Downs. I say this with understanding as well of the despicable maltreatment of horses, something that could lead to the end of something once called the sport of kings.

    Comment by Newton | January 21, 2013

  2. Newton—Nothing I can add to such a fine comment. Thank you.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 22, 2013

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