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I Left The Woods For The Safety Of The City


Given the choice between the wilds and the city, I’ll always choose the city.

I took this picture last week while walking about on some of the hike/bike trails at Hermann Park here in Houston.

I made the mistake of going to some trails that were heavily forested.

I quickly turned around to seek the safety of the urban environment. Even after just a few minutes in the dark woods it was a relief to see in the clearing a tall building and a big electrical tower.

You can see from the picture that the sun shines bright to guide your way when you are in the hopeful openness of the city.

I’m happy to be called a tree-hugger and any other label you would associate with support of environmental causes.

However, I’ve never spent a night in my life outdoors and I never will unless we are in some type of post-apocalypse setting and there is no shelter.

A city is where we will find books and a baseball game and nice trails to walk on that keep you within sight of tall buildings and life-affirming infrastructure.

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