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The National Rifle Association Finally Speaks After The Newtown Shooting—Hypocritical Cowards

The National Rifle Association has finally addressed the Newtown, Connecticut shootings.  They held a so-called press conference today.

(Above–Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown after the shooting.)

In the days since the shootings the NRA has stayed silent just as you would expect of cowards. They were cowards despite all the tough talk and all the guns they own. The NRA did not take questions at the press conference. The people killed in Newtown did not have the option to avoid being shot by the gunman.

The NRA said that an armed policeman should be in every school and that violent video games should be regulated.

All we hear from the right is about small government and free markets.

And yet in this case the solution is more government.

I see.

If more government is the solution to gun violence, than why is more government not the solution to many other problems in America?

The right-wingers in Congress that the NRA backs are at present fighting against any tax increase for even the most wealthy.

The NRA also called for more mental health services in the United States.

I agree with this proposal.

Yet I don’t believe I heard anything today from the NRA about raising the taxes needed to fund more mental health services in these lean times.

Does the NRA believe in anything but mayhem?

The NRA solution to an abundance to guns in America is to make sure that there are even more guns in America, just as the Texas conservative solution to the large number of people without health care in Texas is to shut down women’s health clinics so that even more people don’t have health care.

These are murderous solutions from people who seem to be in love with hurting people and with death.

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