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Houston Mayor Parker And Police Chief McClelland Referring Possible Cases Of Houston Police Abuse To Federal Government For Investigation—This Is The Correct Course


The Houston Chronicle reports that the federal government is investigating 6 incidents of Houston Police shooting or otherwise allegedly abusing unarmed persons. The Chronicle reports that 3 of these matters were referred to the feds by Houston Police Chief Charles McClellend.

( Picture above is of Houston Mayor Annise Parker in front of an airplane.) 

I have made posts on the blog about two of the incidents that the federal government is investigating.

Unarmed teen Chad Holley was beaten in 2010 by a number of Houston police officers.

Earlier in 2012, a double amputee in a wheelchair named Brian Claunch was shot and killed by Houston police.

There is no way the Chief is referring multiple cases of possible police abuse and misdeeds to the federal government without the approval in one form or another of Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Mayor Parker and Chief McClelland should be commended for this course of action.

In the past the Mayor has addressed racism and sexism within the Houston Fire Department.

While our safety forces do many good and brave things, it is also so that some of them engage in wrong actions.

It is good for Houston that Mayor Parker has been willing to confront this fact.

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  1. I’m happy to see the Feds stepping in like this. HPD police brutality and excessive force seems to have been getting out of hand in recent years and DAs and Juries seem unwilling to rebuke them effectively; if it takes the DOJ to do it from on high, so be it.

    Comment by redjohn1971 | December 10, 2012

  2. […] at Texas Liberal noted that Houston Mayor Annise Parker is forwarding possible incidents of misconduct by Houston police officers to the federal government for…. This oversight is welcome as there have been a number of recent cases of Houston police either […]

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  3. redjohn…Nothing I can add to your helpful comment. Thanks.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 12, 2012

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