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Texas Lt. Governor Candidate Jerry Patterson Is Prepared To Shoot—Though The Target Is Not Clear


Republican Texas Land Commissioner and 2014 Lt. Governor candidate Jerry Patterson is prepared to shoot.

Though I’m not sure who Mr. Patterson  is shooting at in the context of 2nd Amendment issues because nobody is coming to take your gun.

Could Mr. Patterson appear any more weak and insecure than he does in this picture?

But if going on about guns will keep these folks from some other issue where a real debate is taking place then I suppose it is for the best.

While this society is in fact blood drenched in gun related violence, there is no credible nationwide effort to address this concern.

Just today there was workplace gun violence in Houston.

From the Houston Chronicle

“A salesman shot and wounded his manager during an argument at a car dealership along Interstate 10 in west Houston Friday morning, officials said…The shooting happened in an office at the dealership, police said. The salesman and the manager got into an argument that escalated into a scuffle, and the manager was wounded.”

The gunmakers collect the cash as people buy more and more guns, the pandering politicians stay in power, and folks keep dying.

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  1. […] at Texas Liberal says that 2014 Republican Lt. Governor candidate Jerry Patterson is prepared to shoot. This is so even though Mr. Patterson is not very clear about his intended […]

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  2. The country is drenched in blood from gun violence, really? Lets see, how many people are killed everyday from DWI? How many people are killed by drugs? The list goes on and on but yet they want to pick on our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, a right that shall not be infringed, it may as well be written in blood, enough people died to insure we had these rights to began with, and I am for one am not going to give up those rights to anyone, not going to let their lives & sacrifices been lost in vain.

    Comment by J Duncan | January 3, 2014

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