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It Is Difficult To Know What The Future Will Bring—At Least It Will Bring Something

As the sign above suggests, it is difficult to know what is ahead in life.

I saw this sign while out and about in Houston.

The good news though is that the sign at least implies there is something ahead.


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  1. I generally do not comment on your epiphanies, but maybe this one can make sense to you.

    The sign does imply there is something ahead, and you find that to be good news. I,on the other hand, see that someone has taken part of the sign away. I have found that in life, many have gone before us and traveled the same road we are on. They have found all the perils along the way and have come back to warn us by delivering signs that others attempt to cover up or hide in order to lead us astray.

    Shame on those who push ahead blindly and curse those who will intentionally mislead others in the wrong direction. The question I pose to you Neil, which are you?

    Comment by Mike | November 15, 2012

  2. I would simply say that I give my take on the world, and leave to others to make of it what they will. There are clearly many ways that folks could interpret the sign above. There is nothing I repeat at this blog more often than that the work of freedom is up to each of us. Along those lines I have no problem posting the comments of people who disagree with me. It is up to each person to see things as they wish. I try to meet my individual responsibility to society by offering up my views for others to consider.

    Also, I can do nothing but commend you for the the effort and imagination you invested in interpreting this picture from everyday life. I must be having a good influence on you.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 15, 2012

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