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Yes On 2012 City Of Houston Bond Issues And On Houston School Levy

I’m voting yes on all the City of Houston bond issues.

(Above–Our City of Houston.)

There are five bond renewals on the ballot.

These bond issues involve renewals of ongoing bonds and will not cause tax increases.

The money will be used to pay for things such as fire station repairs and library improvements.

A tax increase in Houston for vital city services and for improvements to our municipal infrastructure would be just fine in my view.  But that is not what is being done on the 2012 ballot.

Here is a Houston Chronicle story with more specifics on the bond issues.

I am also supporting the Houston Independent School District bond levy.

It is not asking very much that we make investments in our community so that we can have parks to visit and so that our fire stations are well-maintained.

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  1. I posted this after I had already voted (‘for’, all) because the link within gave me second thoughts about the Metro proposal.


    Metro appears to be performing a judo move with the conservatives voting against. Unfortunately I think I karate-chopped myself by not studying the issue a little more closely.

    Comment by PDiddie | October 27, 2012

  2. I just wanted to mention the Metro Referendum as well . I voted “no” because I’d like to see Metro have more funding for its original mission. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    And what? You haven’t voted yet? Get out there and vote. Bring a friend with you if you can.

    Comment by Bacopa | October 27, 2012

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