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Result Of 2nd Obama-Romney Debate Is The Awareness That The Work Of Freedom Is Up To Each Of Us

I can wrap up the results of the 2nd Presidential debate between Governor Romney and President Obama without having seen the debate.

(Above–Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford debate in 1976. Both of these men are long gone from public office. Yet we are each here today and in need of our own efforts and of the efforts of our fellow citizens.) 

I’m posting this on the blog an hour before the 2nd debate begins.

Rather than worrying about if Mr. Obama did well this evening, get active right now for the future you would like to see for our nation.

In the first 2012 Presidential debate President Obama did not take the time he needed to prepare.

Because President Obama lacked respect and care for the millions who support him, a race that seemed a likely Obama win has now become an even money deal.

Governor Romney lies all the time.  

The work of freedom is up to each us.

It is true that circumstance and luck count for a lot.

It is a core of liberal belief  that we should help each other when times are hard  for reasons beyond our control.

It is a core of liberal belief that we should be forgiving and that we must move ahead when somebody screws up.

At the same time—Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected official, talk to friends and family, start a blog, donate money, write a letter to the editor, volunteer for candidates and causes, engage in acts of civil disobedience, and to run for public office.

We can also seek to impact society by consistently acting in a way that reflects our best values. Or by working on an artistic or creative effort that expands the range of thought and imagination we have in our society.

The work of freedom is up to each us.

This fact that the work of freedom is up to each of us is the bottom line of the debate this evening between Governor Romney and President Obama.

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  1. Why don’t you and I have a debate Neil? You tell me your side and I will tell you mine. Let’s see who will win, lose or draw….or maybe we realize we aren’t that far apart at all.

    Obama lies. He never called the attack on the embassy an act of terror in the Rose Garden as he said in the debate. He used the words as a generality in the end. Well after explaining the attacks and stating we don’t stand against any religion and explaining our sadness on the anniversary of 9/11.
    But Obama lies too:

    Comment by Mike | October 17, 2012

  2. Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama lie all the time. I believe that Mr. Obama is not fully forthcoming about the events in Libya, and that Mr. Romney only cares to extent it helps his campaign.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 18, 2012

  3. I believe Mitt cares beyond the campaign. Unfortunately no man stands without blemish (Jill Stein included) and being thrown into the political arena denigrates everyone involved.

    Comment by Mike | October 18, 2012

  4. So will you debate Mike, Neil? You could at least answer the guy.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | October 18, 2012

  5. I’d simply say I’ve never brought up the Libya issue on the blog. Sometimes even Mr. Romney does not mention Libya. http://politicalwire.com/archives/2012/10/18/romney_doesnt_mention_libya.html

    This post is about the need of person to take responsibility for their futures. The Libya matter is important. But it is simply not an issue that I have anything useful to say about one way or another. The presumption might be from 2 conservative commentors that I’m running from the issue. But the reality is I have focused much more on the blog on the need for folks to get involved themselves and on promoting Greens. There are only so many things I can take on and having a useful knowledge of the complex events in Libya is not one of them. My post a few days ago about the barrier on the street with the green light behind it gets more to my bottom line concerns of the role of circumstance in life and runs along the same lines as my repeated comments that the work of freedom is up to each of us.

    Mike’s comment that taking part in the politcal arena causes all to lie gets at the need of each person to act on behalf of the society they envision.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 18, 2012

  6. It seems to me that the liberal left like to be in and around the liberal left so they can think of life and society they envision in theory and slap each other on the back about how great the idea is. And i would agree, the idea is terrific. A fair society where no one is hungry, we all work the same effort and we all share in the outcome. I believe the Amish have mastered that reality. But if you want to have electricity, a car, a nice home, choice in clothing and work and education – you need a capitalist society that has tiers of wealth that reward those who go above and beyond raising a barn and plowing a field.

    Comment by Mike | October 18, 2012

  7. But Mike—So much of what I talk about on this blog is the need of people who share my views to work hard and to take responsibility for the future. I work very hard in my life. There will always be disparities of wealth. Yet could not things be more fair while still this being a society where hard work is rewarded? As a liberal I’d tell you that the fact that hard work is so often not rewarded is why I have so many problems with our current economics.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 19, 2012

  8. Hard work merits reward insofar as it creates value.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | October 19, 2012

  9. I can’t say I trust this society to well-define what is of value.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 20, 2012

  10. “I can’t say I trust this society to well-define what is of value.”

    And yet you want to give more power to the state — elected by the society you mistrust. It’s an odd position for a democrat.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | October 21, 2012

  11. Romney has a record. His state is number one in education. He saved the olympics. He worked with an 87% opposite party dominated congress and got things done. Obama has a record of increased debt and nothing to show for it. You have no inheritance and you are unsafe. If Obama will not protect his own ambassador to Libya, what makes you think he will protect you?

    Comment by Dr. Deborah | October 21, 2012

  12. So you will let the government define that for you? Our government is supposed to be a reflection of our society anyhow. It’s a matter of semantics at that point, isn’t it? I always wondered why we cared so much about the religion or beliefs of our president and other elected officials, when he is supposed to follow by majority, the will of the people.

    I like our discussions Neil. It would be nice if once in a while you could answer a straightforward question. I think it would be easier to understand each other if you did.

    Thanks for the blog. You put a lot of time and energy into it and I honestly learn things from it. Like you said, its up to each of us to do our part. Hopefully your readers do their part to investigate things they read here to insure your take is accurate. Thanks again!

    Comment by Mike | October 22, 2012

  13. Matt—I don’t care if I seem elitist in a way or if I come off as an everyday working person. I’m both things. We have the world we have and I try to respond as best I can with the time and resources I have. What can any person do otherwise?

    Mike—Thank you for your kind comments about the blog and the effort I give to the blog. I do try to work hard in every aspect of my life. I appreciate the time you have spent here.

    I don’t think elected officials have an obligation to follow the majority view on a given question. I think we elect folks to see each issue as each issue arises, and to act for how they see it as best for the people they directly represent and for the nation as a whole.

    I think sometimes you try to take me to specific left/right talking points that don’t match my personal views. While I’m certain I don’t always convey it correctly here with the time that I have for the blog, I’m not always fully interested in the passing issues of the day. This is why I was not informed enough for a debate on Libya.

    I often talk here about the work of freedom being up to each of us. I post pictures of the friends I connect with each time I go home to Cincinnati. Often I feel like the traditionalist in a dumb-assed and lazy world. This is a non-ideological feeling in many respects.

    I am very much of the left. I also understand–as do you–that the world is very complex.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 24, 2012

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