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Coming Attractions At Houston’s Bayou Place Don’t Seem Very Appealing—Don’t Let Somebody Else Tell You What Comes Next

Above you see the coming attractions at Bayou Place in Downtown Houston.

I took this picture two days ago.

These attractions do not seem geared to bringing people Downtown.

There are restaurants, a concert hall and a movie theater at Bayou Place.

At the bottom line we are reminded here that it is up to each of us to find something to look forward to in life.

Look at what you get if you let somebody else set the agenda.

I would also note that these signs have been like this for at least a year. You’ll find these signs at the corner of Capitol and Smith.

These signs are this way is so despite the public money invested at Bayou Place.

I guess the folks who run Bayou Place think this mess is okay.

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