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Looking For A New Flight Plan

I’m offering up today on the blog this nice picture you see above of planes on the ground that I took last month at the Schaumburg Regional Airport in suburban Chicago

I’m reaching a point of being tired about blogging about politics.  I have a picture of grounded planes here because I’ve not yet chosen a new flight plan.

I’m not tired of the blog. I’m not tired of communicating with folks. I’m not tired of talking about my values in a public forum.

I am not dispirited by the current Presidential race. While I regret that President Obama did not choose to prepare for the first debate in a way that respected his supporters, I’m relating a feeling I’ve had for many months now. I think the Presidential race as of today is a 50-50 proposition for both major party candidates.

I will admit that I do not see the Democratic Party making major gains in Texas in 2014.

Nor do I see Houston municipal politics as offering much hopeful in the 2013 election cycle. The 2013 elections in Houston will be another low-turnout race with Democratic Mayor Annise Parker running to the right, right-wingers offering up attacks on the Mayor because Mayor Parker is gay, selfish “progressive” interest groups looking out for only themselves, and big money running the process.

Here is the link to the Green Party of the United States. The Greens at least offer some hope that things can be better.

I’ve been working on an art project—for lack of a better term at the moment— and I think there are many ways to communicate with folks and to convey your values and ideas.

We live in a big hopeful connected world. Every person has value. Every place has value. Every moment has value. The everyday work we do merits respect.

These are things I’m going to keep on saying.

I’ve got some more political posts relating to Campaign 2012 to make between now and the election. I’m certain I’ll continue to make overtly political posts when I feel they’ll be helpful.

I have some thinking to do about how to proceed with the blog and how to best move ahead.

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal and please check back with the blog often. There is a lot more to say and to share.

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