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Urban Stonehenge

Above you see an urban Stonehenge that I encountered along Highway 290 E. here in Houston.

It was created for the worship of sprawl, toll roads and the automobile.

It tells you when the autumnal equinox is and how many dollars are being charged to your tag.

This specific structure won’t be in this form for nearly as long as the real Stonehenge has gone unchanged.

But you can bet that another one just like it will be built around Houston sooner or later.

A changeable Stonehenge for an impermanent  society.

A Stonehenge right in the middle of the city because everyday life and everyday stuff is interesting and worthy of looking at and thinking about.

Houston has so many interesting things to see and to consider.

Every place has many interesting things to see and consider.

Here are facts about the Stonehenge over in England.  

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