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Green Candidate Mark Roberts Is A Good Choice For The 2nd Congressional District Of Texas—Read What He Has To Say

Mark Roberts is the Green Party nominee for the 2nd Congressional District of Texas

The Republican candidate is incumbent Ted Poe.  The Democratic nominee is Jim Dougherty.

Here is a map of the 2nd Congressional district.  This Houston-area district was radically redrawn in the most recent Congressional redistricting.

Here are facts and dates relating to voting in Texas in 2012.

(Above–Mr. Roberts at the microphone at Houston City Hall.)

I live in this district and I am voting for Mr. Roberts.

Here is the website for Mr. Roberts.

Here is the Facebook page for Mr. Roberts.

Here is the website of the Harris County Green Party.

Here is some of how Mark describes himself on his campaign website—

“Mark grew up in a small town in Southeastern Michigan. As a child, he attended both Catholic and public schools, graduating from a public high school in 1976. After graduation, he attended Michigan State University. At MSU, Mark majored in Telecommunications and History. …After school, Mark accepted a job in Chicago with the Social Security Administration. In 1983, he married his best friend and sweetheart, Alissa. Together, they had two children, a boy and a girl. Both children are now married and out on their own. With one child now a teacher with a local elementary school, and the other serving in the United States Army…Mark left the job in Chicago in the late 1980’s to return to school. He enrolled in the MAT program at Wayne State University. In 1995, Mark accepted a teaching position with a public school in the Rio Grande Valley, and was Texas bound. In 1997, Mark moved from the Valley to the Houston area, and he has been here ever since.  Mark has always been interested in politics. For years, he watched the political process in America with growing frustration. Finally, he decided to quit complaining about the problem, to become a candidate, and try to create a solution.”

I asked Mark to write about his candidacy and about why he should be elected to Congress.

Here is what he said—

My name is Mark Roberts and I am the Green Party’s candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives in Texas’ Second District. Let me ask you a rhetorical question. How can repeating the policies that created the problems we see today, solve those problems? I can’t think of a good answer to that question.

My Republican opponent in this race doesn’t seem to troubled by this issue. During his years in Congress, Ted Poe has consistently voted to grant tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations. He has also voted against every measure that would actually create jobs. Congressman Poe has consistently chosen to place the profits of a few corporations above our health and well being and that of our children and our communities. He has repeatedly chosen to vote against all measures designed to bring transparency and accountability to our military, and to support a long string of measures limiting and restricting our civil liberties.

Ted Poe has not worked alone. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have controlled American politics since before the Civil War. The policies that are in place today have been crafted and shaped by those two dominant parties. The system that these two parties have created is no longer working for the benefit of all Americans. It is for this reason that I am running as a Green Party candidate.

Today, we find too many Americans on the outside, looking in. I believe that it’s time to try something different. The key values of the Green Party make it the most logical alternative. Let me tell you why I feel that way. Members of the Green Party share these key values. We acknowledge that the Earth sustains all of our life processes. We all depend on the air to breathe, the water to drink, and the soil to produce our food. We believe that each person should participate in the political, economic, and environmental decisions that affect his or her life. To achieve this end, we believe that cooperation and understanding must replace domination and exploitation. We are committed to creating a sustainable and just system and to reclaiming the future for our children and grandchildren.

One salient example of a policy that no longer benefits we Americans is the ‘War on Drugs.’ As a result of this policy, we has filled our prisons with drug users, but the availability of drugs in the country has remained unchanged. In addition, the proceeds of this illegal drug trade finances armed conflicts  across Central and South America, killing thousands, yet our Congress and our President are unwilling to even consider the possibility of ending the prohibition.

A more logical approach would be to legalize the use of drugs  like marijuana and treat them much like alcohol. We could license growth and culture of the plants, regulate the manufacture and distribution of the finished product, and tax the sales. This changed policy could generate as much as fifty to one hundred billion dollars in new economic activity in the U. S.. The new policy could also generate as much as fifteen billion dollars in needed tax revenues for our federal, state, and local governments. The policy would have the added advantage of dramatically reducing our prison population, and also cut off a major source of funding for armed conflicts in Latin America.


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Here Is How A Soccer Penalty Kick Should Be Lined Up—A Penalty Kick Is A Good Solution To Righting A Wrong

I don’t follow soccer, but I attended a Houston Dynamo soccer game a few months back and took this picture of a penalty shot taking place.

I looked at this picture again a few days ago and noticed that it was likely a good picture of how a penalty shot should be lined up.

All the players are in position and the kicker is making the kick at the goaltender.

Here are facts about how to execute—and defend against–penalty kicks from Science of Soccer Online.

It is regretful that minor infractions in life such as bad driving or general everyday rudeness can’t be dealt with something as simple and neat as a penalty kick to make things right.

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