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First Debate Goes To Romney—If That Makes You Nervous Then Do Something About It

My schedule did not allow me to watch the debate last night.

I get the clear sense that many folks feel Mr. Obama did poorly.

If it will fortify your spirits, the NY Times 538 blog upped Obama’s chances up to 86% last night despite talk in recent days that the race was tightening.

In this campaign I’ve donated $50 to Green Jill Stein–who I’m voting for in Republican Texas–and $50 to President Obama because there is a difference between him and Mr. Romney. I’ve also given $25 to my Dem. State Rep. candidate Ann Johnson.

I’ve blogged about issues impacting this year’s campaign and many times I’ve said that folks are going to have to get involved themselves and if they want change.

I’m doing what I’m able to do.

If you’re sweating the outcome of the Presidential race, then assess what you can do and take action. The work of freedom is up to each of us and nobody else.

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