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Everything We Need To Understand The World And To Make Progress In Life Is Around Us Each Day

Here is a picture of supplies, parts, and tools that will be used for building and putting together things here in Houston.

I came across these items as I walking a few days ago.

This blog is a big believer that everything we need to understand the world is all around us each day—And that it is up to each us to make use of these tools.

Life is about everyday stuff done in a hard-working, creative, and hopeful way.

The work of creativity, getting things right, and justice is up to each of us.

Circumstance matters and we will likely need the help of others in what we hope to accomplish.

The role of circumstances beyond our control and the fact that we are all connected is central to the liberal and progressive view of the world.

We won’t always find the parts and tools that we need just laying out on the street corner and ready to go like we see in the picture.

The tools needed won’t be the same for every person.

But what we need to view the world in a creative and hopeful way and to move ahead is found each day in our relationships, in knowledge that is available from many sources, and from our own reserves of hard work and decency.

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