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Love Sign—American Values

Here is a sign that says “love” that was put up by somebody recently here in Houston.

I like this sign very much.

While it was likely unintended, I also like the placement of the American Flag that you see in the picture behind the love sign.

Love and care for one another is–or at least should be–as American as apple pie.

When all is said and done–and not forgetting the big part that circumstance plays in life—it is up to each of us to treat one another well.

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Fox News Geography

Above is an image from a Fox News telecast this afternoon about bomb threats at the University of Texas.

Fox seemed uncertain in this image as to where at least 3 states of the union are located.

I don’t watch much Fox News—or really any cable news—but this is so silly that it merits mention.

Maybe the alternate reality stuff has gone so far on the right that they are testing if they can change the most basic facts and get away with it.

I suppose if you have an audience seemingly content with being told that black is white and that day is night, than why not try to move around some of the states?

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