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Nothing Will Content Them But The Extremist Limit Of The Land—Out On A Galveston Jetty

Above is a picture I took two days ago out on a jetty in Galveston, Texas.

This picture reminded me of a line from Moby Dick about people who wish to be out at sea or at least near the water.

The line from the book is—

“Nothing will content them but the extremist limit of the land.”

This jetty is as far out as you can go without a boat.

I would like to take a long trip at sea.

Maybe there are others who also wish I would take such a trip.

Here is a review of Moby Dick from a modern reader. People still read this book.

Here is the link to Herman Melville.org.

An informative book I’ve read about whaling is–Leviathan–A History of Whaling in Americaby Eric Jay Dolan.

Here is the link to the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

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