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2012 NFL Season Preview—Concussions, Fans Ripped-Off, Scab Referees

With the NFL starting up this Sunday, here is my season preview.

I predict—

1. Life-shortening concussions

2. Ripoff taxpayer built stadiums

3.Unaffordable ticket prices

4. Scab referees.

It is going to be another great NFL season.

Folks should enjoy the upcoming NFL season because it won’t be long until there is serious talk about banning the sport because of the head injuries to players. The link here is to a column on this subject by conservative writer George Will.

Below is a photo of NFL Hall of Fame player Mike Webster. Mr. Webster died in 2002 at age 50. Here is how Mr. Webster was described at a late point in his life by ESPN.com

“After 17 seasons in the National Football League, Webster had lost any semblance of control over his once-invincible body. His brain showed signs of dementia. His head throbbed constantly. He suffered from significant hearing loss. Three lumbar vertebrae and two cervical vertebrae ached from frayed and herniated discs. A chronically damaged right heel caused him to limp. His right shoulder was sore from a torn rotator cuff. His right elbow grew stiff from once being dislocated. His knees, the cartilage in them all but gone, creaked from years of bone grinding against bone. His knuckles were scarred and swollen. His fingers bent gruesomely wayward.”

I think most folks who enjoy watching the NFL know that the players are being maimed and that fans are being ripped off by the teams in any number of ways. I know that people work hard and just want to relax on the weekend and watch some football. It makes perfect sense that this is what fans want to do.

But I think we are reaching a point where there needs to be a conversation about what is happening to many NFL football players as a consequence of playing the game. Already we are seeing at the high school level a reassessment about if the sport should move forward. 

The stands will no doubt be full this weekend in NFL stadiums. I’m not certain that the longterm future of the sport is so bright.

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