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The RR On Mitt Romney’s Jet Stands For Redefining Rape

(Blogger’s Note 10/26/12– I need to add a mention here of Republican Indiana U.S. Senate nominee Richard Mourdock. Mr. Mourdack said that pregnancy that results from rape are “something God intended.”  Mr. Mourdock is one of a number of Republican candidates across the nation in 2012 who oppose abortion even in cases of rape. Mr. Romney recently filmed an ad for Mr. Mourdock and still says he supports Mr. Mourdock. These are  positions supported by Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan.  

When I was in Cincinnati recently I saw Mitt Romney’s jet at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati.

Above you see a picture I took of Mr. Romney’s plane. Governor Romney was speaking at Cincinnati’s historic Union Terminal.

The RR on the tail of plane stands for “Redefining Rape.”

Or–if maybe there are 3 R’s on the tail–it could be “Romney Redefines Rape” or “Ryan Redefines Rape.”

Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan shares the view of Missouri Congressman Todd Akin that some forms of rape are not “legitimate rape.”

How have we reached the point where we feel that some forms of rape are not rape at all?

Here in Texas, women who seek a constitutionally protected abortion are subject to the state-mandated rape of the forced sonogram law. Rick Perry signed that law.

These folks fly around in big airplanes and hold the highest offices in the nation and run for President and Vice President of the United States–But really they are simply brutal men who would redefine rape and brutalize the poor.

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  1. What is this “legitimate rape” of which they speak? Near as I can tell, only thing that counts is when a chaste virgin or faithful married woman is raped by a complete stranger who uses a high degree of coercive force. Every other victim is just some slut who got what she deserved .

    We really do have to stop these people. GET OUT AND VOTE. Help someone else vote!

    The Dems pounded this issue a little at the convention. I hope the gender gap hits 30% this election. Well, not really, cause I’m hoping a lot of men will be disgusted by this rhetoric as well, and vote against the Republicans.

    Comment by bacopa | September 7, 2012

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  3. bacopa—Thanks for the helpful comment. It is difficult to imagine that defining rape has become an issue in our campaigns. But this is where we seem to be.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 11, 2012

  4. Romney, Ryan and Rush…

    Comment by jpt51 | September 16, 2012

  5. “I guess there are 306 million of us who think we are somewhere else other than America.”

    Huh? What does that mean?

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | September 23, 2012

  6. Matt—We’re all pretty certain that we are in America. I’m not aware of anybody who believes anything else.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 23, 2012

  7. Heh, okay, I get it now. That’s kinda funny, I have to admit.

    The population is way off, but it’s still kinda funny.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | September 24, 2012

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