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Remains Of Hurricane Isaac Over The Cincinnati Area—Post Parade For The 2nd Race At River Downs

At least some portion of the remains of Hurricane Isaac are currently over River Downs race track just outside Cincinnati.

You see here horses on parade on the rain-soaked sloppy track in advance of the 2nd race this afternoon. You also see the American Flag blowing about.

The misty backdrop are Kentucky hills across the Ohio River.

I’m sorry for persons who have been strongly impacted by Hurricane Isaac.

Here in the Cincinnati-area the storm has brought needed rain.

I hope folks are having a nice Labor Day. Please treat people who are working the holiday well. Respect for our fellow working people and self-respect are the very same thing.


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American Sign Museum In Cincinnati Is A Great Place To Visit

Here is a picture from the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati.

This museum opened just a few months ago.

I visited this museum yesterday. It was well worth my time.

I’ll have more to say about this place when I’m back in Houston.


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