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Call It The Sears Tower If You Wish—Though It Does Have A Proper Name

Here is a picture of the Willis Tower in Chicago. This picture is from this afternoon,

The Willis Tower is the black building. It is the tallest building in Chicago and one of the tallest buildings in the world. You can go up on top of it and look around.

The Willis Tower is the former Sears Tower. The name was changed a few years ago.

I think I heard at least four different folks say today that they’d never call the building anything other than the Sears Tower.

I don’t care what anybody calls it other than to say the correct name of the building is the Willis Tower.

And I thought we were all supposed to be willing to adapt to change to be able to succeed in our globalized economy.


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Big Map In Chicago Tribune Building

Here is a picture from the lobby of the Chicago Tribune building in Downtown Chicago. I took this picture this afternoon.

I enjoyed this big map of our hemisphere.


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