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Romney & Ryan Set For All-Out Attack On Everyday Americans

Tax-avoider Mitt Romney—who has engaged in business practices that have led to the death of American workers—has selected Ayn Rand-extremist Paul Ryan as his running mate.

If elected, these two will to execute a Rand-inspired social engineering plan that will slash the social safety net for children, veterans and seniors, and will alter so-called entitlement programs to make sure that American working people will never receive the benefits they have contributed to all their working lives.

What steps will you take to make certain these vicious proponents of Social Darwinism won’t get the chance to remake America with their depraved ideas?

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Chicago River At Night

Here is the Chicago River at night in Downtown Chicago. I took this picture last night.

Chicago is a great place to take a vacation.

Here are some facts about the Chicago River.


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