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Six Years Of Texas Liberal—A Conservative Such As Myself Focuses On Simple Things

(Blogger’s Note—July 25th marks the 6th anniversary of regular posting on Texas Liberal. I’m glad to say I’m nearing 2 million page views. That is pretty good for one yahoo sitting at home. I was thinking today of what I wanted to say for my blog anniversary. I came to the view that the post below that I wrote earlier this year would well-convey the spirit of the blog. Thanks to everybody who has read Texas Liberal. Please know that in addition to the blog, I have an artsy creative project I hope to have online later this year.  A conservative like myself focuses first on friendship and simple virtues such as sticking to something–such as a blog–one day after the other.)

On my recent visit home to Cincinnati, I met up with a number of friends.

In some cases I took their pictures. These are the pictures you see above.

I met some of these folks in the 1980’s. Two I have met since I left Cincinnati in 1998.

Strong and long-lasting relationships make us better able to deal with the hardships of life.

Also–if we pay attention– these relationships provide us with context to understand the lives that all sorts of people lead in our difficult world.

Everybody I met up with for lunch, dinner, coffee, or a drink had a story to tell.

This is no different from any person you know.

The lives my friends lead have great worth.

I like the people my friends have become over the years.

I work hard to keep up with my friends. I suggest you do the same. Don’t wait for others to act.

Every person has value. Every place has value. Every day has value.

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Lissa Squires For The Democratic Nomination In Texas U.S. House District 7

In the ongoing Texas Democratic primary runoff voting, I’m support Lissa Squiers in the 7th Congressional district.

(Above is a photo of Ms. Squiers noting something that I’m certain was important.)

The incumbent in this race is Republican right-wing extremist John Culberson. Ms. Squiers’ opponent in the runoff is energy attorney James Cargas.

Ms. Squiers is an energetic and progressive local Democratic leader who will work hard to win a Republican-leaning district.

When no Democrat challenged Mr. Culberson in 2010, Ms. Squiers took up the fight as a write-in.

Ms. Squiers can always be counted on for leadership and for hard work in the service of others.

I know Lissa and I trust her to advocate for all people in the 7th district with consistently progressive views, and, also, to give Mr. Culberson a strong challenge.

Here is the Squiers website.

Here is the Facebook page for Ms. Squiers.

While almost all of the Democratic establishment  has supported other candidates in the nominating process for the 7th Texas U.S. House district, Ms. Squiers finished a strong first in the multi-candidate first round of the vote with 40%. This good showing was due to the fact that Ms. Squires works hard and is able to connect with voters.

Please consider helping Ms. Squiers get to 50% in the runoff.

Top Texas blogger and longtime political activist Perry Dorrell supports Ms. Squires. 

Primary Runoff Day is Tuesday, July 31.  Early voting ends on Friday, July 27.

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