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As Cruz And Dewhurst Debate Who Can Kill The Most Texans By Denying Them Health Care, Obama Flies Texas Democratic Money Out To Other States

I made the mistake this evening of listening to a few minutes of the Republican Senate debate between Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz.

The portion of the debate I heard was about which of these morally bankrupt persons could do more harm to everyday Texans by denying access to health care and by fighting Obamacare. Texas has the highest percentage of people lacking health insurance in the nation.

Mr. Cruz is a full-fledged nut who believes that the United Nations dictates U.S. policy right on down to how many bike trials we build. Mr. Cruz will also be the next United States Senator from Texas after he beats Mr. Dewhurst in the runoff later this month, and then wins the general election in November.

Governor Rick Perry supports Mr. Dewhurst in this race.

Below is the hunky photo of Mr. Perry that is on his Facebook page.

Governor Perry backs Mr. Dewhurst because the Governor knows that if Ted Cruz is elected he will be eclipsed as the biggest health care-denying, states rights-zealot holding statewide office in Texas.

Here is what Governor Perry said on Facebook this evening in defense of Mr. Dewhurst

“Debate rhetoric can get loose and heated, but the honest truth is David Dewhurst is a successful conservative Texan who’s made Texas a successful conservative state. David Dewhurst led the Texas Senate to cut government spending, balanced budgets, fight federal excess and protect life and families. He is the only candidate for the U.S. Senate with a proven conservative record. David’s background as a veteran, intelligence officer, successful businessman and conservative leader prove he’s the right man to overhaul Washington, fight Obamacare and the restore the Constitutional principals Washington insiders have forgotten.”

Here is how a few Texas Republicans responded to the Governor—

“Sorry Governor, I think Dewhurst is to liberal for me. Texas needs Cruz”

“daivid dehurst vote for amenstey fo illegals aliens he is a rino.”

“Gov. Perry I have been a big supporter of yours and was thrilled when you decided to run for the republican nomination but you make me sick with this support of Dewhurst. You abandon your so called conservative values in order to play politics. You and every intelligent person know Ted Cruz is the real conservative in the senate race. I don’t have the words to describe how disgusted I am with you about this. Can I ever trust again what you say??”

“I love you Gov, but looks like the majority of us disagree with you strongly on this one, sir. You’ve made the wrong choice and I’m sorry, but it may cost you.”

There is also a Democratic U.S. Senate race.  The Democratic nominee will be not be nearly as well-funded as will be the Republican nominee.

There is Democratic money in Texas—It is just that a lot of that money leaves the state.

For example—President Obama was in Texas just today to raise money so he can buy more television ads in Pittsburgh and Tampa.

As President Obama flies away with the money, what the millions of people who will vote for President Obama in Texas will be left with is little chance to even make the case against right-wing extremist Ted Cruz.

(Below–There goes the money.)

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  1. We’re in sync again, Neil.

    I watched about the same length of time before clicking off. I thought that the debate format was poor. The moderators consistently interrupted the two combatants with statements like “We’ll come back to that later”. The vitriol and animosity between the two men was slowly coming to a full rolling boil, and Dewhurst appeared hapless while Cruz sat smugly, calmly describing the freak-right vision for a Senate destined to be more teabaggery than ever after November.

    Yes, and at almost the same moment in Austin, Obama proclaimed Texas to be a swing state — sometime in the future, maybe, possibly — and the crowd swooned and pulled out their checkbooks and credit cards.

    Poor old Paul Sadler hasn’t raised as much money in his US Senate race as Ann Johnson, the candidate for statehouse in District 134. But that’s as high as Democrats can dream this cycle, I suppose.

    Something’s wrong with this picture, and I don’t think it’s the reception. It seems as if I might need a new television, and maybe some different channels.

    Comment by PDiddie | July 18, 2012

  2. Obama is the top of our ticket, so every dollar for him is a dollar for those of us down the ballot. Even in Texas, support for Obama nationwide makes a huge difference to all Democratic candidates. People like a winner, and Obama’s story is compelling. I saw him speak yesterday and I believe he can beat Romney. Support him and you support all of us Democratic candidates!
    Rebecca Bell-Metereau
    Candidate State Board of Education

    Comment by Rebecca Bell-Metereau | July 18, 2012

  3. Perry–Thanks for the helpful comment.

    Ms. Bell-Matereau—I appreciate your efforts and don’t claim greater wisdom than you have. But it really is long overdue that we build something hopeful in our big giant poor unhealthy State of Texas. Mr. Obama will win or lose in November and in either case not give Texas another thought. We’ve got millions of folks here and no effective opposition to the crazies in power in Austin.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | July 23, 2012

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