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Two Suggestions For Texas To Cut Red Tape And Unnecessary Regulations—Stop State-Mandated Rape And Stop Blocking Obamacare

The so-called Texas House Government Efficiency and Reform Committee has started a website called The Texas Red Tape Challenge.

Here is what the committee says it hopes to accomplish—

” Welcome to the House Government Efficiency and Reform Committee’s Texas Red Tape Challenge! Everyone is welcome to provide their ideas and recommendations on how to make Texas laws and regulations less burdensome. This Challenge also asks how state government can be changed for the better. Your thoughtful participation can help us cut the red tape in Texas!”

What this likely means is that you can go to this website and offer up ways for government regulations to be cut so that Texas citizens have even less protection from any number of abusive practices.

However,  I have two suggestions for the committee that would in fact protect Texans from overreaching state government and that would change state government for the better.

I suggest that women in Texas who wish to get a Constitutionally protected abortion should not be subjected to state-mandated rape in the form of the forced sonogram law.

What could be a more intrusive regulation than state-mandated rape?

I also suggest that the State of Texas stop blocking implementation of the health care reform that has been passed by Congress and been found to be Constitutional by the Supreme Court.

Health care reform–Obamacare–will help millions of Texans in the state with the highest percentage of uninsured persons in the nation. It will help the uninsured and those who are already insured.

Texas has been rated as last in the nation in the provision of health care.

For all the talk about from the right in recent years about adherence to the Constitution, there does not seem to be much respect for the Constitution from our Texas state government.

What we are seeing instead is adherence to the failed doctrine of states rights, and a revival of the Massive Resistance strategy of Southern state governments to the rightful powers of the federal government.

The State of Texas will regulate and block and obstruct until the cows come home in the name of states rights and resistance to the federal government.

On the other hand, the State of Texas will do as little as possible to address the most pressing and legitimate needs of everyday hard-working Texans.

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