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Great Image Of President Obama Trampling The Constitution—Bill Clinton And FDR Are Glad To See It Happen

I really enjoy this image I found on Facebook of Barack Obama trampling on what appears to be a torn-up copy of the Constitution.

There is also money strewn about. I guess that is to indicate Mr. Obama’s carelessness with tax dollars.

Around Mr. Obama are all the Presidents who served before 2009.

The Founding Father Presidents are beside themselves at Mr. Obama’s actions.

They miss the days when the Constitution protected slavery.

Abe Lincoln is mad.

I wonder what Mr. Lincoln would think today about all the states rights appeals we are hearing for the right.

Andy Jackson is engaging in angry finger-pointing.

Ronald Reagan looks a bit confused.

That part at least is true to life.

And Joe Whiteman is despondent and alone on the bench —and no doubt unemployed— as Mr. Obama stomps on our liberties and tosses cash around like it is worthless.

Applauding Mr. Obama’s terrible actions are Bill Clinton, Franklin Roosevelt and what looks to be Teddy Roosevelt.

These folks want to take us back not just before the Great Society and the New Deal, they want to take us back all the way even before the Progresssive Era of Teddy Roosevelt.

That way we can have dead rats in our meat again as Upton Sinclair detailed in The Jungle. 

I think Lyndon Johnson is smiling as well.

Richard Nixon does not seem very glad about this disregard of our Constitution. You’d think Mr. Nixon would be cheering right along.

This illustration made my day.

A great way to learn about the Presidents is from the Miller Center  at the U. of Virginia. 

The National Archives has great web resources to learn about our Constitution.

Many conservatives sure do get into a tizzy over Barack Obama.

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  1. It also looks like George W Bush has picked a booger and is wiping it on his coat sleeve.

    This must be a Libertarian poster.

    Comment by PDiddie | July 10, 2012

  2. First of all, states appealing has NOTHING to do with Obama. #2. Congress is the one that passed the few bills that are inacted, so you are pointing the finger at the wrong person. #3. If Congress doesnt get their act together, the guy on the bench is going to REMAIN unemployed.

    Remember, it was the house that took away the extra weeks that a person can get unemployment benefits, NOT the president. If any amendments to the constitution are inacted (Which none are), it’s usually The Republican lead Supreme court that upholds and overturns those amendments.

    Lincoln is probably mad, because the Repub led house and the Senate Before 2012 is the reason the guy/ aka america is unemployed. How many jobs bills did Congress shoot down. All because of the tea party.

    And you sound like a slave sympithiser. slavery ended with Lincoln, so if the forefathers wanted slavery upheld (in which they DIDNT specify in the constitution) they would have kept it in the constitution, and they would have had in the constitution that Negroes are 1/3 of a person and cannot vote. along with women.

    You sound ignorant as hell, and this painting is as well. It made my day to put you in your place.

    Comment by T. Brown | December 28, 2012

  3. T.Brown—On one hand we appear to share a basic political outlook. On the other hand like most literal-minded people you have the insight of a rock.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 28, 2012

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