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Rick Perry’s States Rights Views Will Not Help You When You Cannot Get Health Care

Governor Rick Perry won’t be implementing ObamaCare in Texas.

From The Texas Tribune

“Texas will not expand Medicaid or establish a health insurance exchange, two major tenets of the federal health reform that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld last month, Gov. Rick Perry said in an early morning announcement. “I stand proudly with the growing chorus of governors who reject the Obamacare power grab,” he said in a statement. “Neither a ‘state’ exchange nor the expansion of Medicaid under this program would result in better ‘patient protection’ or in more ‘affordable care.’ They would only make Texas a mere appendage of the federal government when it comes to health care. ….The governor will appear on Fox News at 10:30 a.m. to talk more about his decision.

Texas is first in the nation in the rate of uninsured persons and last in many measures of the provision of health care.

You would think that a so-called “pro-life” Governor would be glad for the chance to expand Medicaid to the working poor.

But Governor Perry and the extremist Texas Republican Party is more concerned with states rights/libertarian ideology than it is with helping people get health coverage from the health care reform that has been passed by Congress and affirmed by the Supreme Court.

Read here for yourself what ObamaCare will do for everyday Americans. 

Extreme states rights views will not help you when you or a family member cannot get care.

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  1. Funny the state of Texas has the worlds largest medical center in the USA and our jackass of a govenor refuses to accept fedral funding for it.I do nt know if realizes the impact on the citizens of the state,but doctors are refusing 31%of new patients because they are uninsured,its ok not to agree with the law personally but Texas is the2nd most populated state.Perry get your head out of your ass and do what is right,you accepted the stimulus to save the state from bankruptcy.Accept the law.

    Comment by Mike larson | July 9, 2012

  2. “but doctors are refusing 31%of new patients because they are uninsured”

    Actually, doctors are refusing new Medicaid patients in greater numbers. Expanding Medicaid will exacerbate that trend.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | July 14, 2012

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