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Mitt Romney Always With An Eye For The Offshore Opportunity

Above is a recent picture from the Mitt Romney Facebook page.

You see that there are what look to be some islands in the background of the photo.

Maybe these islands could be yet another place for Mr. Romney to stash his millions of dollars in offshore cash.

Here is the Vanity Fair investigation of Governor Romney’s offshore millions. 

Here is a recent Associated Press investigation of Mr. Romney’s offshore millions. 

Despite having millions and millions of dollars, Mitt Romney pays a tax rate lower than the rate paid by an American making $ 50,000 a year. 

Mitt Romney’s work at Bain Capital led to hard working Americans losing their jobs. 

Beyond this record of hidden assets and the destruction of American jobs, Mitt Romney changes his position on important issues all the time. 

Disloyal to our working people and dishonest all the time, why is Mitt Romney even viewed as a credible candidate for any office in our nation?

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