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Independence Day Bonanza—The How, Where & Why Of Fourth Of July 2012 In Houston And Across Our Great Nation

(Blogger’s note—Here is a Fourth of July megablast of my recent posts on possible ways to observe the Fourth, Holiday events in the Houston area, and a Fourth of July Reading List. Please have a great and safe Fourth.)  

The Fourth of July is almost here.

How can we best observe the holiday in a hopeful and patriotic way.

Here are some thoughts—

* Please treat working people well over the holiday. Anybody working the Fourth is working a holiday. If you were working a holiday, you would expect to be paid at a time-and-a-half rate. We all have the option of treating fellow working people the same way we would like to be treated. Tip at a time-and-half-rate on the Fourth as matter of simple respect for others and as a matter of self-respect.  

* Please drive safely. Houston and everyplace in this nation is filled with crazy drivers who will ruin your life over nothing.

* Take some time over the holiday to learn some of our shared history. Here is a link to Fourth of July book suggestions. Here is a link to the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives.

* Take the time over the holiday to engage in some form of activism to out forth your view of a more perfect union. Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected official, talk to friends and family, start a blog, donate money, write a letter to the editor, volunteer for candidates and causes, engage in acts of civil disobedience, and to run for public office.

What could be more patriotic than treating each other well, learning something, and acting on our beliefs?

There are many events planned to mark Independence Day for 2012 in the Houston area. The Fourth falls on a Wednesday this year.

(Above—Fireworks over Houston.)

In addition to the events listed in this post, there ways you can observe the Fourth in a patriotic fashion on your own. We don’t have to wait for somebody to put on a fireworks show.

We can express patriotism by treating each other kindly, by treating our fellow working people well, by being accepting of all people, and by learning our shared history instead of being ignorant.

At the end of this post is my Fourth of July Reading and Reference list which has some good resources to learn about our nation’s history.

Patriotism is an everyday affair and is well-expressed by being a good fellow citizen to the everyday people who make our nation–for better and for worse–what it is.

A worthwhile thing to do before the fireworks is to attend the Bayou Bend Fourth of July celebration.

Here are some details about the Fourth at Bayou Bend—

“Celebrate Independence Day at Houston’s home for American decorative arts and paintings. The annual 4th of July blowout at Bayou Bend offers up an extravaganza of Americana: performers, crafts, activities, refreshments, and more. Don’t forget to sign the giant Declaration of Independence before you leave!” Continue reading

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