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Everyday Life Is Where Self-Respect And Respect For Others Begins—Shovels At The Met And On Houston’s Streets

Above is a photo of a 19th-century shovel that can be found in gallery 774 of the American Wing of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

There are a number of shovels of various kinds in the collection of this museum.

There is a lot to be said for the fact that a common tool of a working person is on display in a world-famous museum.

Everyday life has great value.

Everyday life, everyday relationships, and everyday work are a center of the power and the value of our lives.

Respect for our everyday lives is the gateway to respect and concern for the lives of others.

Respect for ourselves and respect for others are two sides of the same coin.

Our political leaders–especially though not  exclusively those on the right–play on our lack of self-respect and on our anger at others.

We all have far more in common than we often wish to admit that we do.

We have far less invested in how this corrupt society is run than we often admit to ourselves.

(Blogger’s note 6/22/12—This is a post I ran a few weeks ago. I liked it so much I am running it again. I was spurred to run it again by the picture I took see below of some shovels that were being used for a construction project in Houston. This picture is a new addition ot this post. Maybe these shovels will someday also end up in a museum. All around us and every day we see the things that help us explain our world and help us see the value of everyday working people and of everyday life.) 

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