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Shocking And Unjustified Voter Purges Taking Place In Houston And All Across Texas

Out of control voter registrars are disenfranchising Texans all over our great state.

From the Houston Chronicle

“Walter Pinkston, a Friendswood retiree and faithful Harris County voter, got a letter in late March asking his family to confirm that he was dead – which he was not – and warning that he was about to be purged from Texas voter rolls. Retired Houston Baptist University Professor Trilla Pando received a similar notice of her death from voter registration officials in 2010. Even Sylvia Garcia, a former Harris County commissioner, got suspended – not because anyone thought she was dead – but because county officials questioned the validity of a P.O. Box the Houston native had used on her voting card for years. More than 300,000 valid voters were notified they could be removed from Texas rolls from November 2008 to November 2010 – often because they were mistaken for someone else or failed to receive or respond to generic form letters, according to Houston Chronicle interviews and analysis of voter registration data…..Statewide, more than 1.5 million voters could be on the path to cancellation if they fail to vote or to update their records for two consecutive federal elections: One out of every 10 Texas voters’ registration is currently suspended. Among voters under 30, the figure is about one in five. Texas voter registration rates are among the lowest in the nation, but Texas pays nearly twice as much to cancel voters – 40 cents per cancellation – as it does to register new ones at 25 cents.”

How do the officials responsible for this live with themselves?  What is more basic and American than the right to vote?

Out state is broke we are told, but we have plenty of money to stop people from voting.

These unAmerican voter purge efforts are taking place all across our nation. These efforts are being led by conservatives.

Republicans are fearful of our multi-ethnic future, and of a fair count at the polls this upcoming Election Day.

What a sharp departure this all is from the most essential American values of full-inclusion and a vigorous democracy.

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