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The Houston Ship Channel Is A Bunch Of Things At One Time—Everyday Places Make Life Work

Above is a picture I took of the Houston Ship Channel a few days ago from the top of the Texas Independence Monument at the San Jacinto Battlefield Park.

The Houston Ship Channel is at one time a natural landscape, a landscape imagined and crafted by people, and place of utility for shipping and industry.

Most places have more than one quality at once. It’s not so hard to see if we just look. There is nothing in everyday life that we don’t have the ability to understand.

Everyday life and everyday places are a source are hope, imagination and action in our lives.

We’ve just got to look around and take control of our interpretations and impressions of the world.

If we don’t interpret and imagine the world for ourselves and for the good of fellow everyday people, you can be certain that somebody who does not have our interests at heart will interpret and imagine the world for us.

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