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North Carolina Bans Gay Marriage—Why Would A Public That So Often Has So Little Self-Respect Have Much Care For The Rights Of Others?

Voters in North Carolina have made gay marriage in that state illegal by approving an amendment to the state constitution that will ban such marriages.

This was a cruel act by North Carolina voters. Life is brutally short and people should be allowed to live in marriage with the person they most value.

If I had it within my power, I would annul the marriages and break apart the families of the people who voted for this amendment. I would ask them how they like it to be denied the relationships they hope for with the people they love.

Then, after a time, the folks who opposed the amendment could vote on if those marriages and families should be restored.  That seems fair.

Why is such basic thing as the right to get married is up for a public vote in the first place?

Where was the “get the government out of my life” crowd on this issue?

Gay marriage is going to be the law of the land sooner or later in this nation.

However, until that time it seems that the rights of gay people will be up for approval by a public that in so many cases is unable to maintain steady relationships and unable to treat children well.

It is no surprise that a public that is so often incapable of self-respect, and so often incapable of respect for the people they say they most value, would have when given the choice little respect for the basic humanity of others.

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  1. It was more a political maneuver Neil than a moral issue. NC already has a law banning same sex marriage. This was to create an issue to excite the right wing base and get them to the polls for this November. NC went to Obama with something like 14, 000 votes in 2008 so they GOP is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again with this straw man issue.

    Comment by lbwoodgate | May 9, 2012

  2. You’re right about what you say here. But the bottom line remains–a bottom line that has now been reaffirmed–that gays folks can’t get married in North Carolina because other folks will not let them.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 9, 2012

  3. Sorry I am lagging on this post by a few days, but I haven’t been to the blog in a while. You have been busy Neil. Good for you. I was talking to my wife about this subject last night. I don’t dislike or disprove of homosexuality. I have tried to understand it and believe people are born with an innate natural selection, even though it may be considered unnatural. I believe two men could truly love one another, the way I love my wife, although I don’t think anyone could love another human the way I love her. With that said, it is difficult for me to understand how two “like” things could find that completion that a man and a woman feel. That is a different conversation altogether.

    On the topic of marriage and the right for gays to be married, I believe it is a moot point. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. Its not a legal matter. It is a holy, union between a man and a woman. The Bible is clear on this. We can argue the separation of church and state another day too. I don’t know if you are married and if so, if you were married in a church or married by a minister ordained by God – but if you were, the Bible is clear on the subject of marriage and homosexuality for that matter. If marriage is a holy matrimony, and homosexuality is unholy, how can they be together?

    For you to suggest annulling the marriages of all the happily married people out there who live inside the confines of holy union, is a bit brash. That would be the same as you clipping every birds wings to prevent them from flying because you think pigs should fly too – just to be fair.

    This fairness game you play is absolutely, 100% ridiculous. You cannot re-define a word to include a group of people who fall outside of its definition. Men cannot marry men, because they are not women. Women cannot marry women, because they are not men. Why not change the definition of the word man to include gay women? What is the difference between that and what you suggest here? Would it re-define relationships in history? Would the characters from The Odd Couple be considered common law husbands after living together for a long time period?

    When you exclaim “the rights of gay people will be up for approval by the public….unable to maintain steady relationships and treat children well” you are saying you feel that the majority of the heterosexual public mistreats children and cannot stay committed. Are you straight-bashing when you say that? I guess gay men and women cannot mistreat their children because like gay marriage, gay childbirth is impossible. Or you can redefine that too. The majority of the public lacks self-respect according to you. Have you seen a gay parade lately? Not a whole lot of respect there at all for themselves or others.

    Again, I feel this whole conversation is a moot point. Gay couples cannot be married because it would re-write the definition of the word. A dog cannot be a cat as a whale cannot be a flea – without changing the meaning of what it is. You would think a gay person would understand that especially after living a life of conformity. Why should a gay person conform to a heterosexual life just because it seems right by others? Why should the institution of marriage conform to a gay lifestyle just because it seems right by others? Can you answer this?

    You say that same sex marriage is going to become the “law of the land” in this nation. I will refer back to what I stated earlier: when pigs fly. (Think about that, because it is literally true in this context.)

    Comment by Mike | May 16, 2012

  4. Mike–I am married. I got married 12 years ago in a casino in Las Vegas. My marriage license says Clark County, Nevada. It is difficult to ponder the sanctity of marriage when a place such as Clark County, Nevada can permit a marriage. The county is a giant den of sin.

    Everyday life is tough and requires sympathy for one another. Yet it can be difficult at times to muster that sympathy, when some folks who don’t have their lives in full order are telling other folks what to do about the most personal aspects of their lives. Why don’t leave each other be on these personal issues except to help each other?

    Marriage is a civil institution. If a church does not want to sanction a gay marriage–so be it. There is nothing though on a mariage license that talks about religion. Try getting inheritance rights and other things that come with marriage without a civil marriage license. In fact, since some churches are performing gay marriage ceremonies, if it was about God instead of the civil state than gay marriage would be a fact.

    Thanks for your ongoing comments at the blog.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 21, 2012

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