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Vandalized Houston Sculpture Called “Houston”

Above you see a piece of public art here in Houston.

You see that some people have not treated this sculpture very well.

I don’t know why people conduct themselves in such a manner.

The name of this sculpture is “Houston.” It was created by Mac Whitney.

I don’t know why it is called Houston. Though nor do I know a reason that it should not be called Houston.

Maybe it is called Houston because it is located in Houston.

I don’t suppose that is a very creative explanation.

Here are facts about this work from the City of Houston-

Houston is a massive ¾ inch thick, smooth surfaced, steel sculpture painted red and weighs approximately 50,000 pounds.

Houston was ultimately installed at Stude Park in 1982.

The abstract sculpture rests on four “feet”. Two elongated steel arcs connect the base and the upper portion of the main body of the sculpture (along the diagonal) on both sides. A thin diagonal beam is welded to the upper point of the ½ arrow, resulting in a longer top diagonal line of the main body, creating a sculpture that is an impressive 50 feet tall. The largest leg is inscribed with the artist’s signature (WHITNEY) and date (1981).

A number of people other than the artist have now also inscribed something on the work.

Here is a link to learn about public art in Houston. 

This vandalized Houston sculpture is part of the new extended hike and bike trial along White Oak Bayou.

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