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A Lightship—A Fixed Point In A Fluid World

I’ve been thinking in recent days about the metaphoric value of lightships.

Who isn’t considering this topic?

(Above—An image of the lightship Sandy Hook from an 1896 book called The Ship’s Company and Other Sea People by a  J.D. Jerrold Kelley Lieut.-Commander U.S.N.)

A lightship is a floating lighthouse.  There were at one time a number of these vessels. Now there are far fewer. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one outside of a picture.

What I like about the lightship is that it is a fixed point of light in a fluid world.

The world is always changing. Storms come and go. But there are things that are true even in such a world.

We can roll with circumstances and events, while at the same time holding to what we believe.

And since a lightship is a ship, we can adjust course if need be.

The metaphoric world and the “solid” give each other substance. Neither is complete without the other.

Here are some facts about the Sandy Hook and about lightship use in the United States.

Serving on one of these ships does not seem to have been very pleasant.  It appears better to contemplate them from a remove.

(Below—The Sandy Hook during the day.) 

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Theatre For The 99% On 5/3, 5/4, & 5/5 At Good Jobs-Great Houston—Generate Your Own Content And Work Hard

My first-rate friend and associate Caleb Travis has asked me to promote the event you see discussed in the poster above.

Here are some more details of this event—

LookOut Arts Collective, a theatre company supported by the University of Houston, presents “Theatre for the 99%”. LookOut was founded in 2011 by students who met while studying under Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Edward Albee, and Tony Award winner Mark Medoff. Co-Artistic Director Caleb Travis explains: “We were inspired by the democratic revolutions across the world, and hopeful that the Occupy movement would put social, economic, and environmental violence in the spotlight here at home. We wanted a theatre company dedicated to speaking truth to power, and edifying an audience of the 99%”. Since then they produced two full length plays, an interactive art piece, and a music festival. This May the group will showcase a festival of five short plays exploring such relevant themes as power and poverty. They are the world premiere of The Dinner Table by Sawyer Estes, Down and Out by John Patrick Shanley; Loyalties by Murphy Guyer; The Judges Wife by Caryl Churchill; and Picnic on the Battlefield by Fernando Arrabal. There will be a talk back with the actors, directors, and playwright Sawyer Estes following each performance.

When? May 3rd — 5th. 8 p.m.
Where? Good Jobs = Great Houston
2955 Gulf Freeway, Houston, Tx 77003

Caleb is a smart guy and I’m certain these will be good performances.

A way that you make progress is that you generate your own material, and then you work hard to use that content to help direct the debate on the great issues before the public

The work of  freedom and progress is up to each us. We each need to take responsibility for the course of our society.

Often the way we take individual responsibility is to work collectively for shared goals.

Please consider attending Theatre For The 99%.

Here is the Facebook page for Theatre For The 99%.

Here is the link for Good Jobs-Great Houston. 

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