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The State Motto Of Texas Is Friendship—This Is So Despite the State-Mandated Rape Of The Forced Sonogram Law And The Millions Of Uninsured People

The state motto of Texas is “Friendship.”

That one word is the entirety of the state motto of Texas.

Above is picture of our state motto and a map of Texas that I took at a restaurant here in Houston.

I like the simplicity of this a great deal.

I like the thought it expresses a great deal.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I value friendship a great deal.

As for the fact that state-mandated rape is the policy of Texas with the forced sonogram law?

You’ll just have to look away as your offer your fellow man or woman a firm handshake, and look him or her right in the eye just as any Texan would do.

As for the fact that Texas is first in the rate of uninsured persons and that we simply let people die from lack of care?

I dunno…..I guess we should just all be friendly to each other so long as we don’t see the brutality all around us here in Texas.

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