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The Only Reason That Well-Qualified Incumbent Democratic Harris County Judge Steven Kirkland Has A Primary Opponent Is Because He Is Gay

The only reason that well-qualified incumbent Democratic Harris County 215th District Court Judge Steven Kirkland has a primary opponent is because he is gay.

Above you see a yard sign for Judge Kirkland that I came across while out and about in Houston.

Judge Kirkland’s opponent is black. The assumption is that black people will vote for Judge Kirkland’s opponent because she is black.  Or that some black voters will make a special point to vote against Judge Kirkland because of the way God made him.

When all is said and done, this will not be the case. Judge Kirkland is going to win this primary as he moves towards reelection this November.

Here is the full list of supporters that Judge Kirkland has in his primary bid. Every segment of the Democratic base of support in Harris County is well-represented. A broad cross-section of the entire county is represented.

There is simply no reason that this well-regarded  incumbent Judge merits a primary.

Should not the focus be on picking up new judgeships instead of a fight that has no helpful purpose?

Wouldn’t making progress towards new Democratic judgeships  be the best use of time and efforts of Judge Kirkland’s opponent?

The freedom of all people is connected.  We can’t lose a good judge for no valid reason.

Primary Day is May 29. Early voting runs May 14-May 25.

My fellow blogger John Coby at Bay Area Houston has more on this issue.  Houston blogger Charles Kuffner has a rundown on all the Harris County Democratic primary races. 

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  1. Judge Kirkland is great and Harris County is lucky to have him. It is so rare that a Democrat is elected to the bench in Harris County – we’ve got an awful lot of Republicans who will spend the rest of their days as judges (despite bottom-of-the-barrel ratings by the lawyers that practice before them) simply because they run unopposed time and time again.

    Comment by katydidknot | April 24, 2012

  2. It is frustrating that so many of these folks hang on for years. And yet here we are opposing a very good judge. What could the point be but to do wrong?

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 27, 2012

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