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Chrome Cranks Looking To Produce A New Album—Find The Time To Create Something Before The Hour Has Passed

My longtime friend Peter Aaron, who lives in the New York City area, is a member of the band The Chrome Cranks.

This band began in Cincinnati in 1988.

(Above you see the Chrome Cranks. Peter is the one smoking the cigarette.) 

The Chrome Cranks are trying to get the money they need to make a new album.

Below is what Peter has written for Texas Liberal regarding this effort—

“The Chrome Cranks are launching a Kickstarter campaign to support the publicizing of Ain’t No Lies in Blood, our first album of all-new material in 15 years. To do this requires a minimum of $4,000, the goal of this effort (any funds accumulated above this range will go toward further publicity for the album). And in addition to copies of the album itself, as rewards for the assistance of our fans in this undertaking we’re offering a wide range of rare and tasty treats: mp3s, album downloads, and signed CDs and LPs, posters, campaign-only CDs of UNHEARD tracks, even ORIGINAL REHEARSAL CASSETTES!”

Here is the link to support this project.

Needing $4,000, the Chrome Cranks are almost 90% to this goal. I have contributed a small amount. The band has to raise the needed money by April 29.

Here is a link to hear the Chrome Cranks.

If you like the music and would like to help these folks out, please offer up a few bucks.

Here is the Facebook page for the Chrome Cranks. 

Consistent with the ethic of this blog, the Chrome Cranks are getting it done for themselves.

They are coming up with new material and making use of new forms of communication and fundraising to help produce the album.

Peter and I both lived in Cincinnati back in the day.

I was slow to learn to drive back in th day. There were a number of times when Peter gave me a ride to the punk rock show.

Peter is a good guy and the Chrome Cranks merit a listen.

Beyond all that, if there are people from your past that you can help out, then you should consider doing so.

If you have a creative project or a personal project in your life that you would like to work on and make progress on, then find the time and make the effort before the hour has passed.

Our friendships and our most hopeful efforts are essential to having a good life in the brief time that we have.

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