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I’ve Got To Walk Further Out—Metaphor And The Solid World Give Each Other Substance

Above is a picture I took in Galveston, Texas last month.

To walk out on that jetty, you’ve got be willing to get over the gaps in the concrete, and get around the water that fills the gaps.

I think this a useful metaphor.

The solid world and the metaphoric world each give substance to the other.

I’m not tired of this blog. But I have to admit that I’m tired of some of the things I’ve been writing about.

I’ve got to walk a bit further out.

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I’m Certain I’ll Blog Again About Local Affairs In Houston And Texas Soon Enough

I could blog about local affairs here in Houston and in Texas on the blog today.  I imagine I will offer such blogging soon enough.

It is just that our leaders—and many of our fellow everyday citizens as well—are thieves who steal our time and our best energies with an endless load of idiocy, self-centeredness, and anything else that is annoying and a waste of time.

And so I’m just going to leave all that stuff alone for today.

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