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Everybody Is A Sinner

Here is a list of sins that will get you tossed into the pit.

I took this picture in a Houston park a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to the young lady for her nice wave. I got the sense that she and the gentleman in the picture were used to having their picture taken.

What struck me about this list, beyond the mentioning of witches, was that it seemed to include the entire population.

Is there a single person who could pass complete muster by the standards on that sign?

If you’ve got no chance to avoid damnation, why bother to be good?

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  1. Ah…but you do have a choice to avoid damnation. God tells us that “all have fallen short of the Glory of God” and “the wages of sin is death”…spiritual death – eternal separation from God. When God sent Jesus, He cleansed us from our unrighteousness with His blood…He bore our sins for us. Every knee will bow before God. Everyone.
    So, why bother to be good? you ask. Because it is pleasing to God. It is what we are commanded to do. Yes, everyone is a sinner, but we have the gift of salvation. It cannot be earned, nor is it deserved, but God offers it freely to us. Check out Romans 10:9.
    The folks with sign are spot on….Hell does await you! You have a choice -well, right now at least. Don’t wait.

    Comment by JV | April 19, 2012

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