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Above is photo I took in Cincinnati in March of 2011. I took this picture a few days before my dad died in Cincinnati.

I made a post about the picture at the time, and noted that my father would soon be leaving the main track or be taking a diverging course.

I think about this picture often.

There are things I’d like to do differently in life, and ways I wish things were different in our society.

I now often envision these changes or transitions that I’d like to see as a switch from the main track to another route.

It seems like a gentle enough switch in this image. Just a slight altering of your course.

Yet in the end you’ll end up far away from where you started.

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Everybody Is A Sinner

Here is a list of sins that will get you tossed into the pit.

I took this picture in a Houston park a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to the young lady for her nice wave. I got the sense that she and the gentleman in the picture were used to having their picture taken.

What struck me about this list, beyond the mentioning of witches, was that it seemed to include the entire population.

Is there a single person who could pass complete muster by the standards on that sign?

If you’ve got no chance to avoid damnation, why bother to be good?

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