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Anti-Immigration Initiatives Proposed For 2012 Houston Ballot—You Will Know Them By Their Fruits

Last week I ran on the blog the picture you see above and the text you see below–

Here are some folks who were using the forum provided by the Iraq veterans parade in Houston this past Sunday to promote two anti-immigrant ballot initiatives for the City of Houston 2012 ballot.

These folks are free to use public space to promote their cause.

Here is website of the group pushing the anti-immigrant measure. 

I’m not concerned with linking to this group. If this is what people want, then they can decide this is what they want.

Here is a recent report in which the Houston-area was found to be the most ethnically diverse region in the nation.

We can either move forward in an open and welcoming way that makes Houston a hopeful place, or we can choose another course.

It is many ways less a matter of public policy, than it is a decision as to what kind of people we are going to be, and how we are going to present ourselves and the world to young people.

It would be far more productive if our city was discussing progress, rather than going after immigrants and going after the sharing of food with the homeless.

In addition to making this post on my personal blog, I also copied the post at my space as a reader-blogger at the Houston Chronicle.

Here are some of the responses I got at The Chronicle—

TexasLiberal, why are you afraid to tell the truth. Hardly anyone is against immigrants coming into our country, Yes, there is a very small minority of people that don’t want any immigrants allowed in the US and to me those people are wrong. Most people are against those who are ILLEGALLY coming here and sucking up resources, whether it is schools, health care, food stamps, etc. But at least they do come here rob/kill others allowed to sit in prison for awhile. Do you know the difference between immigration and ILLEGAL immigration?? It really is so simple that even a Liberal should know

I’m proud to say that I signed the petition, got all my family and friends to do the same. Something has to be done about them. Time to put America first. They don’t like their country…change it

Like any liberal truth is a problem for you. No one is suggesting going after immigrants. This is about illegals who are criminals since they are breaking the law by being here. It is time to force our city leaders to do what they are suppose to be doing and that is rounding these criminals up, putting them in prison, and then deporting them.

It is in fact fully reasonable to make a distinction between people here “legally” as we term it, and someone who came here in a way that the law does not allow.

It is fair to say that making such a distinction does not by definition make a person anti-immigrant.

And yet–of course–this is a nuance that gets lost in these type of anti-immigrant efforts.

Here are some recent updates from the Stop The Magnet Facebook page. Stop The Magnet are the folks running this campaign. You can see the articles they linked to by clicking the link in each line.

* Follow the money. These officials are selling out our country for profit.Mocking the blood of our fallen heroes. These people are soooo crooked they will need to be screwed into their coffins.

* “SOVEREIGN CITIZENS” this term coined to describe how illegals are exempted from certain laws. This article also mentions Perry’s contributions toward this new treasonous trend

* Illegal Alien Impregnates a ten yr. old girl who gave birth. (Idaho):

* Too many foreigners” …says Sarkozy

It can be said that the issues that are being proposed for Houston voters are about so-called illegal immigration, and yet here we read about French President  Sarkozy saying that France has “Too many foreigners.”

But this is all just about immigration reform.

As it says in the Bible

“7- 18 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. 19 “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20“So then, you will know them by their fruits.”

No good fruit can come from this tree.

A diverse and multi-cultural Houston and America are here to stay. Anybody fighting this fact has already lost.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I saw people of different races signing the petition. It’s not a simple matter of white, black or Hispanic.

It’s about fear and resentment in contrast to optimism, and against a future that is already on the way and that will make our nation a better place to live.

Since I ran a few Chronicle comments taking issue with my view, allow me to excerpt one that took my side–

“… The underlying animus in the anti-immigrant crowd is hate, which is a result of fear. Time and again in this country, in times of economic hardship, immigrants have been targeted. “Roundin’ up all them illegals and deportin’ ’em all back to Mexico” is unrealistic. It would also undermine law enforcement in that undocumented immigrants would fear reporting crimes, including serious ones…”

To this I would add that we have all in Houston taken advantage of the lower prices for goods and services that immigration has allowed.  In many cases, the immigrants who do this work are not paid.

If these anti-immigration folks are so concerned with immigrants and the law, why don’t they take up the cause of wage theft as well?

I don’t know if these issues will reach the ballot. I don’t know if they will pass or fail if Houston voters are asked to decide.

I do know that people who see a hopeful and welcoming future for the Houston-area and for our nation have nothing to fear from these folks.

Let’s face these anti-immigration folks with the full confidence that our vision of an inclusive Houston and nation has already prevailed.

We have nothing to fear from these people if we stay the course of freedom, inclusion and care for others.

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  1. Yes, those who put on a front about “taking America back” are talking about taking it back a few centuries. It’s too bad that these people don’t understand that the real enemies is the privatization of everything by corporations and are as zealous in their efforts to see justice done for the unethical practices within Wall Street that rob millions of Americans each day of their wages, their homes and their futures.

    Comment by lbwoodgate | April 17, 2012

    Evidence is accumulating on the issue of Voter fraud, that although Attorney General Eric Holder stated, “that Voter Fraud is nonexistent” many state election commissions of finding out the hard way that they are not exempt from the problem. Under the present federal law there are no real barriers to illegal aliens voting, the dead, felons or people who do not even live in any particular precinct district have been found in the election rolls. The right of citizens voting is one of our greatest assets, but more and more events are materializing across the country that even illegal aliens are registering. The Liberal press will keep this type of issue in under the wraps, with the fact is that the majority of violations belong to the Democratic officials. These people have just ignored or deliberately allowed foreign nationals to vote, without any regress?

    Voters must discharge the Politicians, Governors, Mayors, special interest groups and the whole blend of elected officials that are harboring foreign nationals, who have implemented Sanctuary cities ordinances, who have driven policies of the Dream Acts, Chain migration ID Theft, Voter Fraud and other catastrophic Comprehensive Reform packages. But more important than anything else is to remove this President before drives us into further debt, which we cannot possibly survive. Our voting privileges are not safe anymore, from groups like ACORN involved with voter fraud. Investigative reporter James O’Keefe rendered has proven without doubt that prepared hordes of illegal “voters” can extensively damage the results of elections throughout the nation, just by claiming the identities of registered voters in those particular districts. Most Senators and House members are delinquent in stopping voter fraud, ID theft that seems to have no ending.

    Is there no politician out there with a backbone to introduce a citizens ID verification card? Not just for voting, but applying for welfare benefits, drivers licenses and auto insurance and even to seek work? Or are Americans going to be intimidated by the special interest groups, trade unions, the church and the minority radical organizations who think everybody should have the right to vote. If prudent American citizens can get it together, they will recognize that the era of Socialism is on the way compliments of this President. Don’t just read the newspapers that are enveloped in lies and dishonest propaganda, surf the web using keywords—such as illegal immigration—ID theft, voter fraud and identify the predators in the Congress and seize their seats by voting them out? Call your state and US Senator and Congressman/women and insist they stop this travesty of our voting system.

    TIME IS ALSO OF THE ESSENSE TO BOMBARD THE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP TO SPONSOR “ H.R. 2885 – Chairman Smith’s ‘Legal Workforce Act’ While Republican leaders of the House continue to block a vote on a national mandatory E-Verify bill, the Obama Administration has issued a statement that it is getting E-Verify ready to handle a big development, as the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS) is Preparing for a 50-state Mandatory E-Verify Law.


    All 50 states and every voting precinct in America need to check their election rolls, as Non-citizen voting is a Federal felony and should be prosecuted? Some places that are currently involved in prosecution of Voter fraud and other instances of corrupted elections is in Sunland, New Mexico, the city of Vernon, California, South Bend, Indiana, Troy, New York and that’s just a few states involved in voter fraud. With no real oversight, how many more voter fraud incidents has escaped detection? One Naples, Florida voter admitted she was not a U.S. Citizen, nor a legal immigrant, but election records show she voted six times in the past eleven years. Voter fraud has boomeranged in the last decade and when illegal aliens admit they have voted multiple times and not sitting in prison, something is seriously wrong with our election system?

    In this monumental voting year, non-citizens voting could affect the final battle in November. Even at the local level elections have been compromised. Using every piece of oral weaponry the Democrats do not want any changes to the Board of Election laws, evoking the usual rhetoric of racial profiling or the greatest ally that has divided the country branded ‘Political Correctness’. Every American Citizen should insist that new regulations be applied, that includes either an official picture ID or a federal issued biometric national ID card. With all the waste and corruption in Washington, every American citizen should be issued an identification document, similar to immigration and naturalization ‘Green Cards’ Granted to permanent residents.

    The U.S. citizenry must come forward and must connect with the TEA PARTY “THE PEOPLE’S PARTY” to stop the erosion of legal rights, which are being reduced by this administration. Remember the TEA PARTY is tens of millions of patriotic members in chapters across our nation. This political splinter group from the GOP does not discriminate against any race, color, religion as long as you entered the United States legally. Both parties have abused immigration enforcement, by neglecting to secure the border fence and the incompetence of acknowledging that ID theft is out of control, that every illegal alien is committing a felony by using a U.S. victim’s Social security number and identity in the majority of cases, but nothing has been accomplished to halt these financial issue. Females cross the borders and fly from other countries smuggling in their unborn, knowing full well that the U.S. taxpayers are forced in court appointed unfunded mandates for taxpayers to cover costs.

    You forget that illegal aliens, who file a tax return, get the money back because they don’t earn enough in most cases. In addition, illegal aliens are very well versed in fraudulently stealing people’s ID and then getting reimbursed with the victim’s tax money. They have also figured out to get reimbursed for non-existent tax child payouts, to the tune of $4 billion plus dollars a year.

    Comment by Dave Francis (@lostintaxes) | April 17, 2012

  3. ibwoodgate–Nothing I can add to such fine thoughts.

    Mr. Francis–What a long and unhelpful comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 19, 2012

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