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Picture Emblematic Of The Idiocy And Laziness Of Much Of Everyday Life

I took this picture at the Houston Zoo a few days back.

The person who bought the ice cream or whatever in the  plastic dish that you see, was unable to get the used dish to the trash can that was just a few feet away.

I found this picture emblematic of the idiocy and laziness that is such a part of everyday life.

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I Made The Sun Look Like A Flower

I took this picture of the sun a few days ago, and I made it look like a flower.

I don’t know why it turned out that way.

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Thought Of The Day

It is easy to join a permanent opposition or to make common cause for a brief time with the enemy of your enemy.

It is a more difficult thing to “govern” in the sense of offering a viable alternative to the powers that be even as you remain a figure of opposition.

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